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September 04, 2012

Italian Solar Generation Surpasses Wind for First Time


great stats, thanks heaps. You forget the Aussies mate - we come in just a whisper under California at 0.041kW/capita :)

June 03, 2012

Australian Energy Market Operator Forecasts Explosive PV Growth in Australia

Thanks Kyle

I think the profound impacts of this announcement by AEMO could take a while to get through the policy mill, but its great news that such an influential body has made the right call!


April 25, 2012

Financing PV in Australia: Just a Little Bit Different

Hi bkarney

thanks for your insightful comment; fascinating to ponder the differences and your point is valid.

Having said that, I had some experience a few years back with home equity offers and although they were a great option (low cost, long term etc) one simple thing stopped them being successful - customer entanglement.

Choosing solar technology was complex enough without the burden of dragging out mortgage documents, valuations and comparing rates, so almost no-one could be convinced.

We also have the local problem that 1.5kW systems are skewed by rebates to be the most attractive and the low cost made it a marginal investment opportunity for the bank.

Times change though and it may be worth another look but for now, despite the higher finance cost, simple consumer finance options seem to be the most popular option. Go figure!

April 19, 2012

Big Conferences, Small Installers: A Growing Problem

Carter; you may be interested to know that this same problem has been occurring down under in Australia in recent times too. You story raises some important issues which I know many associations here have worked hard to overcome.

Some have "split but linked" conferences - with sessions specifically targeted at installers and others for the big end of town so installers can attend either or both. We also have two pretty big "free to attend" conferences now, which based on recent history have been highly attended. There are also increasing numbers of specialised, smaller regional events which makes access easier at the small end of town.

Ultimately, balance is the key when times are tight; I suspect a mix of small regional events and either zero entry cost or huge value (cost to enter) events are key. Ultimately, the event organisers have to work extra hard to deliver a must not be missed event if we want installers to invest.

Lastly, we must be wary of event companies who just want to put these things on for the sake of it and drown us in too many things to do.

November 02, 2011

French Solar PV Installations Now Rival Those in California

FYI Austalua will equal France at around0.023kW / capita in H1 2011.

On a cumulative basis we will reach .053 by end of 2011, almost double France and 5 times the US.

February 01, 2011

Australian Flood Waters Cause Trickle of Solar Funding to Dry Up

Our government is so astoundingly short sighted, I'm sending them a voucher for an optometrist.

Their knee jerk instant-gratification-like behaviour suggests my Gen Y daughter may actually be in control somehow. She's lovely, but hasnt quite learned about patience or persistence yet.

In 6 or 12 mmonths time when the focus groups say "wow, the climate sure changed; what are you doing about it?" its entirely possible the Government will roll out some new renewables policies. Or at least some poorly conceived, inefectual statements disguised as policies.

Cripes, I think my daughter is in charge.

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