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- July 08, 2012

Wattminder prepares beta tests on its basket of IP for optimized solar output

Spurred by 3 SBIR grants, Wattminder has expanded its basket of IP that will significantly impact the operational efficiency of solar power arrays anywhere in the world. Being mindful...

- November 18, 2011

Second generationAnalytics on solar power

Wattminder has rolled out its second generation, on-demand analytics for solar power sites anywhere in the world. It is in all-free beta trial for a month, in which we hope to gather...

Steve Yang, P.E.

Steve Yang, P.E.

Founder, & interim CEO, Wattminder, Inc. winner of $1M SBIR grants. A Systems Engineer devoted to optimal efficiency in all buildings, and renewable energy systems, through innovative application of sciences and web 2.x technologies. Our...

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