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- March 23, 2015

Building On a Strong Foundation: The Critical Need for Updated Interconnection Policies

Say you’re thinking about adding another story onto an old house. You probably wouldn’t want to start building without first having a structural engineer make some calculations to ensure...

- March 16, 2015

Technology Advancements Alone Won't Bring Energy Storage to Market – Regulatory Reform is Equally Important

If one takes a look at news articles regarding advancements in technology in almost any sector of the economy, a common theme emerges: perfecting the technology is merely the first...

- April 20, 2014

Group Studies Move Beyond the Classroom and into the Interconnection Process

Group study projects may bring to mind student days, when a small group worked together to distribute the workload. It increased study efficiency, and sped up the research review process....

- December 02, 2013

Renewable Energy Regulation: Follow the Leader

The success of the renewable energy market is partly illustrated by the rapidly increasing number of small renewable energy systems connecting directly to the distribution grid.  For...

- March 18, 2013

Improving Risk-Based Review to Enable Developers to "Fly" Through Interconnection Hurdles

Making safe, reliable interconnection of renewable energy easier is the goal. Increasing the number of interconnections, through improved application efficiency and cost-effectiveness,...

- January 18, 2013

Federal Win for Small Renewable Systems Good Model for States

A more efficient interconnection process for small renewable generators is something we have been working hard to achieve, tediously, state by state. So yesterday’s proposed modifications...

Sky Stanfield

Sky Stanfield

Sky Stanfield is a lawyer with Keyes, Fox & Wiedman LLP in Oakland, California. She represents the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) a national non-profit dedicated to expanding consumer access to renewable energy resources through...

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