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- May 19, 2011

China on Track to Increase Geothermal Energy Development and Utilization

Guan Fengjun, head of the Geological Environment department at the Ministry of Land and Resources said that China will start a geothermal energy exploration and development project...

- May 18, 2011

Industrial Development of China's Biomethane Sector Has Long Way to Go

According to experts, China has particularly favorable conditions for the development of the biomethane sector due to its abundant resources and market potential. However, the country...

- May 05, 2011

China's Hebei Province Aims To Boost Renewable Energy Development

Hebei province proposed in its Twelfth Five-Year Plan, which spans 2011-2015, increasing the portion that renewable energy contributes to final energy consumption -- including electricity,...

- April 26, 2011

China's Wind Power Sector Expected To See Tremendous Growth

The nuclear accident triggered by the devastating earthquake in Japan has created new market opportunities for China's wind power sector. According to a statistical report released...

- April 14, 2011

China's Guangdong Province Pulls Out All the Stops in EV Initiative

The Guangdong provincial government announced an initiative last week that indicates the electric vehicles (EVs) industry is set to take off in a big way across the province. Dubbed...

- April 05, 2011

China Focuses on Biomass Development

"Biomass energy has become the fourth most important energy source worldwide and one of the world's best renewable energies, and, as a result, it behooves China to develop this energy....

- March 30, 2011

Raising the Bar and Then Raising it Again

Last week, it was announced that China's National Energy Administration is renewing and even upping its push for increased renewable energy in the country, as was put in place in the...

- March 22, 2011

Consolidation Among China's Wind Power Manufacturers Likely

This month the Chinese government formally released a new set of rules and restrictions for wind power equipment manufacturers relating to energy, land, in-house capital and technologies....

- March 17, 2011

Polysilicon in China in Tight Supply

China imported 5,521 tons of polysilicon in January, representing a year-on-year rise of 74.8 percent, according to the latest statistics released by the General Administration of Customs....

- March 09, 2011

China On Track for Rapid Wind Power Development

According to the recently released 12th Five-Year Plan from the Chinese government, the wind power sector in China is primed to continue its rapid development.

Liu Yuanyuan

Liu Yuanyuan

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