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- September 22, 2011

China Releases Technical Standards for Wind Power Industry

China's National Energy Administration (NEA) in early August approved a series of technical standards designed to better regulate the development of its wind energy sector. The 18 technical...

- August 17, 2011

China's Wind Power Sector Struggles with Rare Earth Price Hikes

While an increasing number of wind power equipment manufacturers in China have started to adopt direct-drive permanent magnet technology, rare earth minerals, some of the core raw materials...

- July 25, 2011

Sector-wide Shuffle for China's PV Industry as Period of High Profit Closes

The global photovoltaic (PV) market reached US$50 billion in 2010, spurring the rapid growth of China's PV industry. However, its high profitability is coming to an end. Local manufacturers...

- June 28, 2011

China's PV Industry Expected to Enter into Long-term Price War

The sector is beginning to see a decline in sales and product prices after several years of fast growth.

- June 17, 2011

China's Biomass Industry on Track for Accelerated Growth

According to industry analysts, if the Chinese central government established more favorable policies to boost the development of the biomass industry, it would immediately enter a...

- June 10, 2011

China Begins Implementation of "12th five-year" Plan for EVs

Electric vehicle industry insiders recently revealed that China's Ministry of Science and Technology has no plan to publicly release the "12th five-year" (2012-2016) plan for electric...

- June 08, 2011

Increased Entry Barriers Force Wind Power Consolidation in Inner Mongolia

In a move to enhance oversight of the wind sector, the Inner Mongolia Development and Reform Commission recently released a set of new regulations concerning the management of wind...

- June 02, 2011

Zhengzhou, China Accelerates Big Plans for Biodiesel Sector

The municipal government of Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan province, has been creating a roadmap for the development of the local biodiesel sector, setting guidelines, goals and policies...

- May 20, 2011

Beijing Sets Plan for Massive EV Adoption

A tentative subsidy for purchasing electric vehicles (EVs) for personal use in Beijing has passed reviews by several government ministries and commissions with oversight authority and...

- May 19, 2011

China Seeks Big Wind in a Push To Standardize Project Size

The Chinese government is now working on new procedures that will standardize the inspection and approval process for wind power projects in a move to address the wind power grid connection...

Liu Yuanyuan

Liu Yuanyuan

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