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February 03, 2015

Listen Up: Ten Energy Saving Myths

Cinnamon's California perspective simply does not apply to other areas of the country. His claim that old appliances are less expensive is wrong, wrong, wrong. They may be less expensive in regards to being paid for but a ten year old refrigerator can rack up the purchase price of a new refrigerator in energy consumption quite quickly. Also, rural co-op electric utilities have little or no interest in consumers using less electricity. As far as the co-ops are concerned the more electricity we use, the more they sell and the more money they make. His use of the term "clean coal" is offensive. There is no such thing. That is a marketing term created by the coal industry and the utilities in an attempt to gift wrap a turd. If Cinnamon is going to try and undermine the renewable energy industry then he needs to focus on the extortion and rape of American workers by the solar industry when they force workers to pay thousands of dollars in training and certification fees before they are even allowed to work in this industry.

November 16, 2014

Calling All US Solar Warriors: We Need to Stand Up for the Industry

I guess I am not yet a Solar Warrior because I have not agreed to be blackmailed and extorted by NABCEP just to get a job harvesting sunshine. But I guess it is like the MAFIA says, "That's the price of doing business."

November 12, 2014

Colorado Knows How to Maximize 300 Days of Sunshine

Citizens in the Denver-Boulder region have a choice of electric utility providers and/or renewable energy. Citizens in the central/southern portion of the State are still subservient to municipally owned electric utility monopolies and rural co-ops. The monopolies and co-ops are scared to death to offer consumers any choice and they are scared of renewable energy. It is a formula that burdens Colorado electric utility customers and contributes to the poisoning and pollution of the entire planet. Meanwhile the solar industry extorts American workers by requiring them to pay thousands of dollars for NABCEP training and certification before they are allowed to even work in the industry. There is very little good in the entire situation. The utilities could not have invented a better scheme to sabotage renewable energy if they tried.

November 02, 2014

How the Right Kind of Electric Utility Can Increase Solar Energy and Jobs

City Public Service is a municipally owned monopoly and the citizens of San Antonio have no choice in electric utility other than CPS. City Public Service has a history of doing mostly symbolic projects in renewable energy in order to try and convince its captive market that they are a so called "Green" utility. A large solar array sat on top of CPS's Customer Service center for years and was never connected or powered anything. CPS hired a foreign contractor to come in and build a demo solar power system at HemisFair Park even though San Antonio had several renewable energy dealers. After the announcement for CPS's first solar power center was released CPS was so over whelmed by foreign contractors they scaled back the size of solar array and did far less than what was required. At this time most of their generation is done with coal and CPS cannot build new coal plants because the region is desperate for water. CPS has some of the most expensive electric utility power rates in Texas and also has a history of hiring foreign contractors and suppliers because these vendors are encouraged to kick back rewards to CPS buyers and board members. This is way business has been done in San Antonio for more than 100 years. As a monopoly CPS continues to refuse to farm user funds and rates back into the community. CPS operations have damaged San Antonio for decades and the only reason that damage has not done more injury to the City than it has is the Texas economy is booming at this time. If and when the oil industry fails again (and it will) the damage CPS does to its own community will come to the forefront of municipal issues that will hurt the poor, unemployed and elderly first.

September 26, 2014

Odd Solar Fred Marketing Tip: Stop Marketing Your Solar Products and Services

Back in 2007 I pitched an idea to a regional radio station to do radio interviews with renewable energy users, vendors and manufacturers. My idea was to graduate the show to do video and/or the web. I couldn't get any interest or sponsors to get on board in South Texas because even in 2007 there still was a great deal of doubt and skepticism about renewables and solar. Even though I was a solar dealer with solid radio experience (DJ) I couldn't even get the solar industry to participate. There seemed to be no interest in marketing renewables in the traditional radio way. However there was and is no shortage of interview subjects in Texas and elsewhere around the country. We were responsible for creating some of these interview subjects. And solar customers tend to love to talk about their purchase and their experience with solar (both good and bad). My idea still stands and I have the skill to make a show like this work but it can't be done without financing.

June 16, 2014

Solar “Freakin’” Roadways Reveals How the Solar Industry Has Failed to Inspire America

The solar industry seems uniquely talented at making enemies every where it goes. Their first sin is making NABCEP requirements a prerequisite to working in the solar industry. The second sin is flooding the market with foreign imports. You guys are pretty much pissing off everybody.

June 06, 2014

Solar Trade Decision Represents Threat To Industry

My response to this article would be HA! While solar technology has proven itself to be valid in almost every application the solar industry has been conducting business here in the US like they need to be regulated. Imposing NABCEP requirements and expenses upon potential solar workers would be their first sin. Flooding the US market with foreign imports would be their second. I would say the solar industry had it coming.

May 13, 2014

Obama Pledges $2B in Energy Efficiency Funding, Lauds Wal-Mart Solar Roofs

In 2001 I tried to sell renewable energy ideas to the Wal-Mart Distribution Centers in New Braunfels and Palestine, Texas. I couldn't even get them to discuss it. It was like I was offering them a flying saucer. Wal-Mart isn't going to do anything different, new or environmentally smart unless the government makes them or helps to pay for it. The lights on the sign at the distribution center in New Braunfels have been burned out for years. They don't care and they have no plans to fix or replace the lights. This is how Wal-Mart operates.

May 11, 2014

Cashing In on Solar's Hidden Value

Any expectation apartment complexes or motels will invest in renewables may border on fantasy. These business operations barely take care of the their IT and telephone requirements. I know because I service these operations. Asking a business with a high turnover rate due to low salaries to cope with yet another technology would be like trying to get a tribe of Benobo chimps to drive a car.

May 05, 2014

Tesla Assessing Sites that Allow for Quick Launch of Massive Battery Manufacturing Plant

The lack of regulation, no state income tax and the availability of property tax concessions would make Texas the obvious choice. Texas cities have a history of selling out on property taxes to attract new business.

January 31, 2014

US Solar Jobs Growing Ten Times Faster than National Average Employment Growth

This is total Chamber of Commerce BS. The solar industry works harder than any industry in the USA to exclude and keep workers out of the industry. NAPCEP requirements are being used like a shield to keep out new and potential workers. The solar industry makes up these numbers to get government funds and subsidies. It is corrupt to the core and needs to be reamed.

Steve Shepard

Steve Shepard

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