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- February 23, 2015

Energy-Efficient Vs Traditional Homes: 4 Strategies for a High-Performance Home

New England has experienced one of the most intense winters in recent history. Relentless snow hampers travel, winter weather advisories are frequent, and huge snow drifts obscure cars....

- February 12, 2015

A Glimpse Inside a Super Energy-Efficient Home

One year ago, my family joined Belfast Cohousing & Ecovillage in Midcoast Maine and moved into a high performance house, with triple-pane windows and doors, large south-facing windows,...

- January 15, 2015

Net Zero Living in an Ultra Energy Efficient Home

Freedom from fluctuating energy prices, greater energy independence and eco-friendly living are alluring concepts that motivated my family to examine our housing and our lifestyle....

- December 22, 2014

Belfast Ecovillage: Largest Community-Initiated Solar Installation in Maine

Back in 2008, a dedicated group of people were creating a vision for a multigenerational community that would be an innovative housing option for rural Midcoast Maine. The result was...

Sarah Lozanova

Sarah Lozanova

Sarah Lozanova is a freelance energy and health writer whose articles appears in trade and consumer magazines. Her experience includes work with small-scale solar energy installations and utility-scale wind farms. She earned an MBA in sustainable...

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