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- November 05, 2008

Turning the Page: Financing our Clean-Energy Future

It's the morning of November 5th 2008 and I'm breathing a deep sigh of relief. The prospect of a McCain-Palin Administration, with its focus on "drill baby drill," 45 new nuke plants,...

- September 09, 2008

Inflate This: Conservation and Efficiency Are Key to Our Energy Future

Of the recent political maneuvering and verbal attacks in the current presidential election, perhaps one of the most disappointing and frustrating has been John McCain's disparagement...

- July 16, 2008

Signposts to a Clean-Energy Future

Wind power is the largest emerging clean-energy source on the planet. It is starting to reach significant penetration in an increasing number of markets, representing approximately...

- May 15, 2008

Cafe Musings (or How Clean Tech is Becoming Ubiquitous)

Back in 1996, already three years into the Net revolution, I recall sitting in San Francisco Bay Area (my home for 13 years) cafes, and realizing how all the talk I overheard was dominated...

- March 26, 2008

The Future Ain't What It Used to Be

Anyone still not convinced about the economic strength and viability of clean energy need look no further than the latest numbers in our annual Clean Energy Trends 2008 report.

- January 09, 2008

Five Words for 2008: "Wait for the Next Administration"

I'm not an overtly political person. While I appreciate the power that policymakers and politicians wield, and how they can impart both positive and negative change, I tend to look...

- October 24, 2007

Bridging the Clean-Tech Developing-World Divide

The late Donella Meadows, a great environmental scientist, educator, and visionary, was one of a number of people to help put into context the state (and plight) of the modern world....

- August 08, 2007

Clean Energy: It's All About Scale

The American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE) likes to say that we are in Phase II of renewable energy development. In this worldview, the past 30 years were about developing core...

- July 23, 2007

Extinction or Innovation? U.S. Government Must Enact Clean Energy Policy

The United States, often the world's leader in technological innovation, could be about to cede the next wave of business breakthroughs and wealth creation -- those that come from clean...

- June 06, 2007

Clean Tech & the Art of Long-Term Thinking

Back in the late 80's and early 90's, when I lived and worked in Japan, I spent time studying and practicing Zen meditation at a Buddhist temple on the outskirts of Nara. One thing...

Ron Pernick

Ron Pernick

Ron Pernick, co-founder and managing director of Clean Edge, Inc. ( and co-author of Clean Tech Nation and The Clean Tech Revolution, is an accomplished market research, publishing, and business development entrepreneur...

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