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- January 13, 2010

Don't Think of a Solar Panel

For all the recent discussion about climate and carbon, I think we're missing a critical point. Climate is only one part of the larger global economic, energy, and environmental picture....

- November 09, 2009

Clean-Energy Wish List: Six Federal Policy Actions To Ensure U.S. Leadership

As we move toward climate talks in Copenhagen, and energy policy is being debated and formulated within the Senate and House, I thought it was a good time to take a look at my own clean-energy...

- September 03, 2009

Summer's Over, Now Let's Get Back to Work

As I write this column, the end of summer is rearing its head. I can't complain though. This summer we got away on two local family trips (neither one farther than 165 miles from our...

- August 21, 2009

Utilities: Scaling the Clean-Tech Mountain

I'm not exactly a patient guy. My singer-songwriter sister once wrote a song with the following lyrics: "I am from a wanting breed, I am full of expectation, I want everything I see."...

- May 19, 2009

Changing Climate: Carbon Tax Gaining Momentum over Cap-and-Trade?

I recently gave a talk to a group of environmentalists, technologists, and business people at an innovation forum in Portland, Oregon. In my talk, I relayed the findings of our recent...

- March 31, 2009

Getting Serious About Clean-Energy Stimulus

It turns out that 2008 was another record year for clean energy. According to Clean Edge's just-released Clean Energy Trends 2009 report, the three major clean-energy sectors -- solar...

- November 05, 2008

Turning the Page: Financing our Clean-Energy Future

It's the morning of November 5th 2008 and I'm breathing a deep sigh of relief. The prospect of a McCain-Palin Administration, with its focus on "drill baby drill," 45 new nuke plants,...

- September 09, 2008

Inflate This: Conservation and Efficiency Are Key to Our Energy Future

Of the recent political maneuvering and verbal attacks in the current presidential election, perhaps one of the most disappointing and frustrating has been John McCain's disparagement...

- July 16, 2008

Signposts to a Clean-Energy Future

Wind power is the largest emerging clean-energy source on the planet. It is starting to reach significant penetration in an increasing number of markets, representing approximately...

- May 15, 2008

Cafe Musings (or How Clean Tech is Becoming Ubiquitous)

Back in 1996, already three years into the Net revolution, I recall sitting in San Francisco Bay Area (my home for 13 years) cafes, and realizing how all the talk I overheard was dominated...

Ron Pernick

Ron Pernick

Ron Pernick, co-founder and principal of Clean Edge and co-author of The Clean Tech Revolution, is an accomplished market research, publishing, and business development entrepreneur with two decades of high-tech experience. At Clean Edge...

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