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- March 26, 2013

Can Offshore Wind Make or Break Wave Energy?

If you read the reports from major energy agencies and industry associations, you might be tempted to conclude there is a bright future where all types of renewable energies will flourish...

- March 12, 2013

How Solar PV is Winning Over CSP

More and more, renewable energies are competing against each other, instead of against conventional energy sources. If you read the reports from major energy agencies and industry associations,...

- March 04, 2013

How to Follow Renewable Energies into Emerging Markets

Large-scale deployment of renewable energies has so far been concentrated in Europe and in the U.S., but that is changing. Take wind energy, solar PV and CSP (Concentrated Solar Power),...

- February 19, 2013

The Rise of Green Mobile Telecom Towers

Recent developments in renewable energies might overthrow the diesel generator as the technology of choice for off-grid mobile base stations.  Renewable energy has evolved considerably...

- November 07, 2012

Concrete Wind Towers: A Low-tech Innovation for a High-tech Sector

Innovation does not need to be cutting edge, it only needs to solve a problem: three reasons why wind energy is borrowing solutions from the construction sector. Romeu Gaspar, X&Y Partners...

Romeu Gaspar

Romeu Gaspar

Romeu Gaspar is the founder of X&Y Partners ( and off7 (, and has more than 12 years of experience in management consulting, in Europe, US, South America, Asia and Africa. Romeu is experienced in energy, climate...

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