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April 29, 2014

Why Is Alstom Such a Hot Commodity?

Indeed Brian. With all this talk of subsidies and constraint payments for the wind power sector, nobody talks about the billions of pounds/euros/dollars that goes on similar payments to the traditional power sector.

So, given your concerns about the fossil fuel and nuclear industries, what do you think this means for the offshore sector over, say, the next five years? How bad do you think these shifts in government incentives will be for the offshore sector?

Ps. I'm editor of A Word About Wind and Adam's colleague. So you know who I am!

April 30, 2014

Why Is Alstom Such a Hot Commodity?

Thanks Brian. Yes, we have our doubts about that too. Offshore wind only makes sense in a few parts of the US where there isn't as much land available for onshore wind farms. It'll be interesting to see how other economic heavyweights with a lot of land, like China and India, get on. Do you work in the US wind sector?

Richard Heap

Richard Heap

I am editor of A Word About Wind, which is a specialist renewable energy intelligence service, targeted at senior finance and energy professionals and published three times a week. Previously, I was assistant editor at commercial property...

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