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October 02, 2012

Should Solar Marketers Focus on Preaching to the Choir or to the Skeptics?

howe-richard-342353, you and I seem to be on the same page, sir. While I grew up in wind-country in a town that survives almost solely on the wind industry and my livelihood has been dependent upon wind -- and therefore the PTC -- for over 11-years (and my mom's before me), and now on the entire renewables industry, I have always had to be a reluctant supporter of the PTC.

However, my true belief is that all energy (and other) subsidies should be done away with in order to create an even playing-field upon which all can fairly compete. While I respect the opinions of my friends and colleagues, it is my belief that in the end subsidies benefit no one at all. They simply enslave us all to our government and create the boom and bust cycle that causes instability in the industry.

That being said, given the gross amount of power that Oil & Gas in particular has in this country (not to mention the complex international political issues involved), I cannot foresee energy subsidies going away anytime soon... Well, not all of them, anyhow. It remains to be seen whether the PTC is again passed, and I'm quite sure I'm not alone here in my thinking that we will not likely see anything happen until after the elections in November. Well, besides most of the rest of our friends and colleagues be laid-off, as well as some of ourselves perhaps.

And so, since all energy subsidies won't be getting the axe this time around, I will be (and have been) hoping with the vast majority of the rest of you that she will yet again be passed.

Luck be on our side, friends and colleagues!

Melinda Rice

Melinda Rice

Professional Experience: I have spent nearly twelve years working in Global Supply Chain Management in utility-scale wind energy manufacturing focusing in Inventory Control, Material and Production Planning, Buying, Master Planning/Scheduling,...

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