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- January 27, 2011

Central America's Wind Generation Grows 120%

Central America's wind-power generation grew 120% between 2009 and 2010, according to a new study published by regional economic think tank Comision Economica para America Latina (CEPAL)...

- January 24, 2011

Spain's Solar Sector Sues Government Over Retroactive Tariff Cuts

Spain's struggling solar-power sector has announced it will sue the government over two royal decrees that will reduce tariffs retroactively, claiming they will cause huge losses for...

- January 18, 2011

Spain's Gamesa Eyes Baja California Wind

Gamesa, the expansionist Spanish wind-power company, is stepping up its forays into Mexican with hopes to sell as many as 2,000 wind turbines to Baja California. Its plans come at a...

- January 14, 2011

Honduras's First Wind Park To Power Up in 2012, More To Come

Honduras' first wind park, the 102-MW Cerro de Hula facility, will begin producing electricity in the first quarter of 2012, just as other developers could be breaking ground on three...

- January 05, 2011

Bolivia Plans Wind Power, Other Renewable Energy Build-out

Bolivia hopes to install 700 MW of wind power capacity in the next 10 years as South America's poorest nation works to diversify its energy mix, according to industry observers.

- December 15, 2010

Spanish Renewables Grew 30% in 2010

Spain's fast-growing renewable energy industry grew 28% last year to contribute 0.81% to the country's GDP, according to a Deloitte consultancy study commissioned by the country's primary...

- November 15, 2010

Spain's Solar Power Sector Falls into the Abyss

The Spanish government has launched a new regulatory framework that will result in subsidized tariffs for ground-mounted solar energy projects drop 45% this year, killing future investment...

- October 07, 2010

Brazilian Ethanol Emerges from the Doldrums

Things are looking better for Brazil's sugar-ethanol industry after a rough period last year, when production and exports fell sharply and many mills struggled to operate amid a major...

- September 14, 2010

Mexico's Push To Install 3,000 MW of Wind by 2014

Mexico's nascent wind power industry is working to install up to 3,000 MW of wind power generation by 2014, six times more than the 500 MW currently online, according to industry participants...

ivan castano

ivan castano

Ivan Castano is a freelance journalist based in Miami. His work has appeared in Thomson Reuters’ International Finance Review (IFR), Dow Jones’ Financial News, Euromoney, Trade & Forfaiting Review and a range of trade publications covering...

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