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- February 11, 2015

Energy Storage Market Outlook 2015

With the generation capacity of renewables, led by solar PV and wind power, on the rise across the globe — 46 percent of newly installed generation capacity in 2013 was renewables —...

- December 03, 2014

German Fossil Fuel Giant Jumps on Renewables Bandwagon

Germany’s biggest utility E.ON — long a pillar of the country’s fossil fuel and nuclear industry — dropped a bombshell on Europe’s business world with the announcement that the multinational...

- October 30, 2014

German Experts Lock Horns over Storage

Until recently, the going orthodoxy among supporters of Germany’s Energiewende, or clean energy transition, was that storage capacity for electricity was vital to expanding renewables...

- October 02, 2014

Is Distributed Energy Storage the Energiewende’s Missing Link?

For years, critics of the Energiewende, Germany’s clean-energy transition, have carped that the country’s power system cannot be based on intermittent generation sources — namely onshore...

- July 08, 2014

Not in My Alps! Examining Germany’s NIMBY Protests

There’s plenty of dark irony to Bavaria’s stiff opposition to Phase 2 of Germany’s heralded Energiewende, or clean-energy transition. Germany’s southern-most state, known for its spectacular...

- June 02, 2014

German Energy Reforms Could Spell Trouble for Small Renewable Energy Producers

There’s bad news in the pipeline for Germany’s small-scale producers of renewable energy, the backbone of the country’s heralded Energiewende, or clean-energy transition.

- May 10, 2013

Europe Sinks Its Flagship Carbon Trading Scheme

All German Chancellor Angela Merkel had to do was pick up the phone and dial her people in Brussels. Had she done so before the European Parliament's (EP) key vote last month on April...

- February 14, 2013

Onshore Wind Drives Germany's Renewables Revolution, but Is It Too Much of a Good Thing?

Onshore wind power is the wunderkind of Germany's path-breaking clean energy transition. Stretching from the gusty coasts of the North and Baltic Seas all the way now to the Alps, the...

Paul Hockenos

Paul Hockenos

Paul Hockenos is a Berlin-based author who has written about Europe since 1989. Paul is the author of three major books on European politics: Free to Hate: The Rise of the Right in Post-Communist Eastern Europe, Homeland Calling: Exile...

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