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November 27, 2012

Renewable Energy World Celebrates Global Non-Profits that Advance Sustainability

It's life's long dream to see more and more countries able to do away with an unwanted darkness. Growing up without a choice to turn on the light, I wholeheartedly want to thank all these solar companies and individuals who have given so that others could turn on the light when they want it...

April 25, 2009

Storing Renewable Energy on the Smart Grid

The ability to store energy is one issue confronting my community. The Electric company here pays for excess solar energy since it goes back to them. No provision for storage for later use.Today, I am happy to read of the Storage considere as "holy grail" of clean technologies. I hope my community in Nassau New York will benefit from this sensible innovation.

Phineas Duru

Phineas Duru

Phineas Duru is a widely acclaimed Solar Lights consumer advocate. A writer on Renewable Energy. He currently lives in New York. CEO Star Deal. Some of his Solar Lights Selections can be found at

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