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- November 23, 2011

Feed-in Tariffs: The Proven Road NOT Taken…Why?

America needs to introduce a nationwide feed-in tariff (FIT) to kick-start the renewable industry, restore America's leadership role, and accelerate the expansion of the renewable industry...

- April 05, 2011

First Quarter 2011 Solar Portfolio Review

With the first quarter of 2011 coming to a close I thought I would give an update on how our portfolio performed and how it is structured going forward.

- February 15, 2011

Where is the Market Headed in 2011?

Talk about the Million Dollar Question. Wouldn't we all like to know the answer to 'Where is the Market Headed in 2011?' Unfortunately, as we all know – no one knows the answer to this...

- August 04, 2010

Rebalancing the World's Energy Portfolio

The U.S. has taken a shortsighted approach to "financing" our energy future for decades. We are rapidly depleting our energy capital of oil, gas and coal at greater rates each year,...

- April 29, 2010

Stock Market Advice for Renewable Energy Investors

I have been reading your articles for years and always thought your stock market related insight was interesting and helpful for me as an investor. At the current time I am worried...

- March 23, 2010

PV – A Question of Scale

The PV industry happens to be the fastest growing industry in the world, with a promising chance to remain the fastest growing industry for the next 25 to 50 years. The PV industry...

- November 25, 2009

The Solar Stock in 2009

To date 2009 certainly seems to be following the historical trends that I presented in February 2009. If you look at history many of the worst years in stock market history are followed...

- September 23, 2009

How To Get Renewable Energy Grant Money from the U.S. Government

How does one go about applying for the new government program that allows a solar, wind project or other specified energy property to receive a cash grant from the U.S. Treasury in...

- August 03, 2009

Update on Solar Stocks: Market Rebound?

What do you think of solar stocks now in light of the recent news regarding market leader, First Solar (FSLR)? Also I would like to know what you think of the market in general. --...

- June 23, 2009

Investing in Solar and Renewable Energy Related ETF's

Hello. I had a quick question. Is it possible to invest in the REW 40 index? I am new to investing, and was wondering if I could just invest in the REW 40 index, or do I have to invest...

Peter Lynch

Peter Lynch

I have worked, for 33 years as an independent analyst and investor in small emerging technology companies. I have been actively involved in following developments in the renewable energy sector since 1977 and am regarded as an expert in...

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