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April 02, 2012

India's Solar Excitement: Proceed with Caution

This is a good report, but misses the point on the cause of air pollution in the cities and spreading to suburbs. The main cause of air pollution is due to the automobiles and burning of trash in the cities. If the Indian government finds an alternative to uncontrolled use of automobiles by private citizens with the supply of subsidized fuel and virtually no control on the exhaust emission (there is emission check for only names sake, every vehicle passes the test), the impact of air pollution can be reduced and subsequently eliminated.
Some suggestion:
1. Promote public transportation
Instead of building roads, build train tracks and run trains
Instead of subsidizing petrol and diesel, make it more expensive to own and operate automobiles and two wheelers.
2. Strictly enforce the pollution control
- Seize the polluting vehicles
- Ban burning of trash and other wastes

October 29, 2008

NREL Sets Thin Film Record

Excellent news. It is important to find a way to mass produce these high efficiency solar cells at a low cost so that we can bring down the cost of energy.

September 27, 2006

Renewable Energy Reaching a Positive Tipping Point

Hello everyone
It is a good news that the renewable energy is approaching tipping point. The policy makers worldwide must realize this and start considering renewable energy sources as viable alternatives to fossil fuels. Countries like India can benefit from solar energy because it is plentiful and available everywhere.

September 27, 2006

Iowa State Advances Thin Film Solar Technology

It is great that Prof. Dalal has improved the efficiency of thin film Solar cells. The only way solar energy can compete with the conventional energy sources is by bringing the initial cost down to affordable levels. Is anyone willing to license high efficiency thin film technology and fund my project??

September 27, 2006

Wind Turbine for Urban Environment

That is wonderful. At such as a high price, can this compete with PV modules?

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