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- December 04, 2014

Why Is a Three-Week Production Tax Credit Extension Worthless?

For the last year, the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) and bipartisan wind energy supporters in Congress have been clear that the Production Tax Credit (PTC) would have to be...

- April 04, 2014

US Wind Energy Output Breaks Records

Wind energy is breaking records across the U.S., thanks to long-needed transmission upgrades that are relieving congestion on the power grid and allowing more clean energy to reach...

- January 08, 2014

Wind Energy Helps Ward Off Power Outages

Over the last 48 hours, wind energy played a critical role in keeping homeowners warm as grid operators across the Eastern and Central U.S. worked overtime to keep up with record-breaking...

- September 01, 2010

The Facts About Wind Energy and Emissions

Recent data and analyses have made it clear that the emissions savings from adding wind energy to the grid are even larger than had been commonly thought. In addition to each kilowatt-hour...

- October 08, 2008

Addressing the Variability Factor: Can Wind Power Reliably Be Part of the Electricity Mix?

A new AWEA fact sheet aims to promote greater understanding of one of the most complex and frequently confused aspects of wind energy: how wind and other variable energy sources are...

- September 19, 2008

Curtailment, Negative Prices Symptomatic of Inadequate Transmission

Negative electricity prices and wind energy curtailment are occurring with increasing frequency in several regions of the country, a telltale sign that expansion of the nation's electricity...

Michael Goggin

Michael Goggin

Michael Goggin joined AWEA in February 2008. He represents the wind industry on transmission and grid integration matters, coordinates member input on the development of policy positions, facilitates the exchange of information between...

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