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January 19, 2011

Electric Vehicles: A Win for Detroit and EE

Edgar, what State do you reside? A coal powered state? Too bad. I'm in CA and run my Volt on power from a 60% efficient natural gas combined cycle power plant. Maybe you should buy a Corolla.

June 03, 2010

US Wind Growth Likely To Drop in 2010

Hello Anonymous:
Larger wind turbines with 300 foot tall towers are virtually noiseless, even when standing right next to the tower in a 20-30 MPH wind. The wind blowing in your ears is louder than the turbine. What size turbines is Oregon complaining about? Size definitely matters.


April 30, 2010

Approved! Cape Wind Gets Green Light

How many homes? It depends on where the homes are located, mild or harsh climate. Using a reasonable estimate of 1.5 KW per home, 130 turbines at 3.6 MW each times a 0.35 capacity factor, the power placed on the grid would be at a average rate of 163 MW. Divide 163 MW by 1.5KW equals 109,000 humes and that's all of their power KW needs. The grid is like a savings account that they deposit KWH and withdraw KWH as they need the energy.

September 02, 2009

Duke To Build 200-MW Top of the World Wind Farm, Ninth in the US

It's not 'how much does windpower cost', but moreso, there's an incredible demand my many states and cities to buy power from wind energy, even for a premium price, as part of their overall energy mix. Even if it's generated in Wyoming, contracts can be written to effectively sell it to Florida, as an example. The poer goes on to the nearest grid, and is taken off 1000s of miles away. It's not the same electrons, but has the same result.

August 28, 2009

Ushering in a New Wave of Hydropower Growth

How many more decades of not building nukes will it take to convince some people that nukes are dead? So, maybe a few will be built but look at the numbers: In 2008 8700 MW of wind capacity went on line. At 30% capacity factor this is the equivalent energy to 2-3 1000 MW nukes running 100% of the time.
And nobody's backyard in the whole US is suitable to store the spent fuel rods, except for maybe your backyard??? Nevada does not want nor will be the garbage dump for SFRs for the US.

July 28, 2009

Renewable Energy Standards Advance in Four States

Mary, consider this:
A man drives into a new town. He asks a pedestrian, "How is the government in this town?"
"Well, how was the government in the last town?", the pedestrian responded.
"The government there is so corrupt!"
"That's how they are in this town."

A while later another driver enters the town and asks the same pedestrian, " How is the government in this town?"
"Well, how was the government in the last town?", the pedestrian responded.
"That is the most honest government I have ever seen!"
"That's how they are in this town."

So, if you go through life thinking the government is corrupt, they will probably in some way seem to prove it to you. But most of Congress is honest and bound by many ethical laws. They are definitely politicians, which do not mean they are all corrupt. Likely a small percentage of most governments have ethics and corruption problems.

June 12, 2009

PG&E Purchases More Solar Power

The power is placed on the grid and the electrons are mostlikely used locally. It's a energy contract that PGE is making. It's like someone dumping a bucket of water into one side of a huge tank, and someone else taking a bucket out of the other side. It's not exactly the same water molecules but has essentailly the desired effect. PG&E could also buy power via a contract in Montana, but the electrons come from more localized sources.

February 04, 2009

330 MW of Wind Power Go Online in New York

How much average power from 330 MW of wind turbines? The answer comes from the capacity factor of the turbines and the prevailing winds. The national average of new turbine installations is 32%. So for a 330 MW installation, the average power placed on the grid is over 100 MW.

January 28, 2009

57-MW Stetson Wind Farm Starts Commercial Operations in Maine

I agree: 167 GWH is about 1% of the total needs for the State of Maine. Here's how I verified your numbers. The per-capita power consumption in the US averages 1.5 KW, a convenient number to calculate even the entire power consumption of the country. Using this number and 1.3E6 people in ME and 8760 hrs/year, I get that 167 GWH is 0.997 % of ME's electrical generation.

January 09, 2009

First Phase of 69-MW Michigan Wind in Commercial Operation

Tony, I have visited the WindPowerFacts site, it's actually an organization against wind power and has a totally misleading URL. (They probably believe the world is flat and the lunar landings were 'staged'.) If you really want to know what's going on, read reports by the US Dept of Energy. There are sufficient wind resources in the US to power 5X to 8X the TOTAL electrical needs of the entire country. No radioactive waste to store, no machine gun-toting security guards around wind farms. Zero terrorist potential. The demand for wind and other renewable energy is overwhelming in the US due to many states mandating this power by 2010, 2020 and beyond.

December 03, 2008

US Renewable Energy Production Increases 7.4%

It's obvious by this article that when different sources of generated energy are compared, that the quad is the accepted unit. If this is confusing, you should find conversions on the internet. It's a good high school physics problem.

Quads generated mean exactly that: actual generated power. Example: a typical nuclear power reactor generates enough output, spinning its generators to deliver 1 GW continuous electrical output. However, not counted in this 1GW is the total heat generated to accomplish this, which is roughly 2.5 times or 2.5 GW of electricity+waste heat. . And nukes are good for about 90% capacity factor (90% of their nameplate rating).
Regarding wind power, the national average capacity factor is rising to 32% in 2007 due to larger turbines being installed and replacement of older smaller units. For example, a 1 MW turbine would produce 320 KW averaged over a year.

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