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Martin Smith's Blog Posts

- September 24, 2014

Is Solar Right for Me?

Whether your electricity bills are becoming too intimidating, your conscience as a global citizen is finally catching up with you, or you just want to keep up with the Joneses, the...

Kaplan Clean Tech Education - August 19, 2014

How Much Will Energy Star Rated Appliances Save You?

When you consider that home appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers and laundry machines account for about 13% of your home energy costs, it only makes sense to take a close look...

Kaplan Clean Tech Education - August 05, 2014

How to Harness Solar Power in Your Backyard

What better place to use the clean, infinitely renewable energy that the sun provides than in your outdoor space? "Living green" now has more meanings than one. Solar power might seem...

- July 31, 2014

What's New in the World of Renewables? India's Floating Solar Panels

It was 1985 when the first Tour de Sol, a Swiss rally for solar powered vehicles, ushered in a new era of design and innovation for solar energy use. Among the first of its kind, the...

Kaplan Clean Tech Education - July 10, 2014

LED Takes the Lead in Power Tools

For decades we’ve been holding the key to efficient lighting technology in the palm of our hands. Universally acknowledged as the most sustainable choice in the crowded light bulb aisle,...

- July 08, 2014

Convincing Homeowners of the Importance of an Energy Audit

Even though one of the biggest complaints from homeowners is high energy costs, convincing them of the value of a home energy audit can still be a challenge. The audit is quick and...

- June 25, 2014

The Most Satisfying Jobs of the Next Generation

Victor Castaneda is an Army veteran who was working at a temp agency when a veteran employment program informed him about CleanEdison, a training company for the renewable energy industries....

Kaplan Clean Tech Education - June 23, 2014

The Case for CFLs

With the cost of energy increasing at a steady rate, and the promise of record breaking summer heat looming in the near future, the time has come for consumers to think of effective...

- June 06, 2014

Combating Carbon through the Clean Power Plan

With the direction and executive authority of President Obama, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) yesterday released the Clean Power Plan, which cuts the carbon pollution from...

- May 29, 2014

Study: Clean Energy Vocational Training Programs Have Better ROI than Traditional Degrees

Data recently released by CleanEdison indicates that the return on investment for educational paths, also called the return on education, is higher for vocational training than for...

Martin Smith

Martin Smith

Martin Smith is a writer and researcher at Kaplan Clean Tech, a national provider of clean energy training and certification courses. Originally from a California desert, Martin is powered by the sun. He studied communications and linguistics...

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