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Louis Schwartz's Articles

- July 01, 2014

A Ray of Clean Energy Sunshine Peeking Through the Beijing Haze

China’s environment is in a deplorable state, a nasty byproduct of the most successful spurt of economic growth in world history. Hardly a month passes without more vivid examples of...

- June 06, 2013

The Link Between China's Smithfield Foods Acquisition and Sinovel Wind

Since the announcement last week that Shuanghui International, the dominant pork and sausage processor in China, has made a deal to acquire Smithfield Foods for $4.7 billion, much of...

- January 23, 2013

China Needs A 'Game Changing' Renewable Energy Technology

Despite all the evident progress in China in fostering renewable energy, energy conservation and other sustainability initiatives, there still is a 60-70% chance that the smart phones...

- February 17, 2012

A Harsh Winter for China's Wind Industry and Its Leading Company: Sinovel

The Year of the Dragon has gotten off to an inauspicious start for the Chinese wind industry and in particular, Sinovel Wind Group Co. (Sinovel), China's leading wind turbine manufacturer...

- November 02, 2011

Outsourcing Our Chagrin: China's Reaction to Solar Trade Complaint

One of the pleasures of covering China is the opportunity to encounter rich and colorful language. This certainly is due to the vibrancy of the Chinese language, but it also is a commentary...

- October 03, 2011

AMSC, Sinovel and the State of U.S.-China Business Relations

Upon learning that American Superconductor (AMSC) has accused its largest customer of intellectual property theft, one couldn't help but well up with nostalgia for the halcyon days...

- September 21, 2011

Chinese and U.S. Politics and the Solyndra Bankruptcy

In the universe occupied by gleeful Luddites and cynical political leaders, who appear to be celebrating the Solyndra bankruptcy filing, the U.S. government should play no role in economic...

- May 19, 2011

The Power Grid and the Wind Industry in China: An Update

With the March, 2011 issuance of yet another spectacular progress report on wind power development in China and the April 2011 release by the State Grid Company of a white paper on...

- December 23, 2010

China's Growing Confidence in Its Emerging Renewable Energy Leadership

As the Chinese government puts the finishing touches on its 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-2015), China's increasingly self-assured renewable energy ambitions are on display. Indeed, Chinese...

- September 20, 2010

Chinese Firms Developing Solar Power Plants for Less Than 1 Yuan per kWh?

The late August round of bids for utility-scale solar power projects in China yielded a new milestone in the economics of solar power in China: a sub-Yuan/kWh price for solar power....

Louis Schwartz

Louis Schwartz

Lou Schwartz, a lawyer and China specialist who focuses his work on the energy and metals sectors in the People's Republic of China, is a frequent contributor to Renewable Energy World. Through China Strategies LLC, Lou, who is fluent in...

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