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- March 09, 2012

Waste Is Energy in California

At last month's Renewable Energy World Conference & Expo and Solar POWER-GEN Conference & Exhibition conference attendees visited the Covanta Waste-to-Energy Center in Long Beach, Calif....

- February 02, 2012

Executive Roundtable: The Future of Utility-Scale Renewables

Renewable energy in the United States is at a crossroads. With several federal tax grants set to expire by the end of 2012, utilities are trying to decide if the falling prices of solar...

- December 08, 2011

Wind Energy Outlook 2012: An Uncertain Forecast

Onshore wind power is in a good place, at least through the end of 2012. Wind power has made up 35 percent of all new generating capacity added to the U.S. grid since 2007. That's twice...

- October 19, 2011

Is 2011 Solar's Peak Year?

The last two years have brought about unprecedented growth for solar utility installations. The utility-scale solar market exploded in 2010 with 459 megawatts (MW) of photovoltaic (PV)...

- December 27, 2010

2011 Solar Outlook

Solar CEOs gathered at Solar Power International in October were resolute on one matter: the industry will thrive when a National Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard is in place, combined...

- December 15, 2010

Power Engineering Names Renewable Project of the Year

This year's Power Engineering Projects of the Year Award winners and honorable mentions represented facilities and/or technology that signified excellence in four categories: coal-fired,...

- November 03, 2010

How House Republicans May Control the Energy Debate

With midterm elections complete and a GOP House in place, the newcomers have the opportunity to either push forward or detain renewable energy policy.

- October 12, 2010

Solar Market Heats Up

Solar power, once seemingly confined to the desert Southwest, is making inroads from Florida to New Jersey, Colorado to Nevada. Ron Kenedi, vice president of Sharp Solar Energy Solutions...

- September 28, 2010

California Enters the Renewables Tug-of-war

On September 23, the California Air Resources Board approved regulations requiring utilities to obtain a third of their power from alternative energy sources such as wind, solar and...

Lindsay Morris

Lindsay Morris

Former associate editor for Power Engineering magazine where I used to EPA's regulations for the power industry in detail. For renewables, I write about solar and wind-related policies and technologies. I'm a native of Tulsa, Okla. with...

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