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About Laura

Laura Mauney is a Writer / Creative Producer

I believe that real solutions to the world’s overwhelming environmental problems will occur apolitically, only when advocates, business entities, and policymakers work together. Many small changes - such as solar-powered electric car chargers in every public parking place, rooftop solar on buildings across America, or the proactive substitution of bioplastic for petro-plastic in the feedstock marketplace, for example - will ultimately result in the big change we've been working to achieve. As a professional writer and marketer, I have strived for over a decade, in whatever niche I happen to find myself, to make that belief a reality.

Who Do I Work With?

I work with People who Want Help with Creating Presentations, Documents, Websites, Blogs and Digital Marketing Campaigns.

What Do I Work With?

-Website Content and SEO
-Sales and Marketing Campaigns and Collateral
-Business, Technology and Educational Information

Where Can some of my Work be Found?

Elsewhere at
- GPS Tracking for Rooftop Solar Installers
- GPS Tracking for Construction Projects

...And Here:
- - PHA Bioplastic Manufacturer Website
- - Laura’s Theory of the Universe portfolio site
- - Photographs of Flora in Urban and Suburban Settings
- - Blog posts and Items of Interest About Cars, Especially Green Cars
- Laura Mauney at LinkedIn - My Professional History, such as it is.

Have a Job that Needs Doing? Will Travel.

Would you like help with your online marketing efforts? Contact Laura at:
I'm available online via telecommute anywhere in the US, and on location daily in north Florida and south Georgia.

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