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January 10, 2014

60 Seconds of Thought on 60 Minutes’ Recent Clean Energy Bashing Vignette

As quoted above

" Clearly some Silicon Valley entrepreneurs have developed a knack for getting Uncle Sam to invest in their ideas, no matter how hair brained. And when these ideas fail, the entire industry gets a bad rap. Surely there is a better way. "

Clearly some Military Industrial Parasites have developed a knack for getting Uncle Sam to invest in their ideas,no matter how hair brained. And when these ideas fail,the entire industry 'bellies up to the bar' (or better yet Pig Trough) to get another annual massive refill.

We are surprised that there are some who follow this same MO in suckering investors and the government out of money for a worthless projects?

Until and unless those of us who get fleeced and scammed to pay the taxes that pay the interest on the money borrowed for these operations finally gets mad and stops voting for either sides' openly bought and paid for whore in a three piece suit your complaints about all of this aren't worth as one Vice President so bluntly described his job, "Not worth a bucket of warm spit".

Of course come next election it will be one more time an exact copy of the last script.
Just change the players and wonder why the acting is so poor.

January 03, 2014

Ford Uses SunPower Solar Cells for Its Electric Concept Car

Quite certain this will sell

At least in a country where you have millions who pay exorbitant prices for pickup trucks with four wheel drive that never is used,a bed big enough to haul the space shuttle, that when the vehicle is finally put in the crusher has no more scratches on it than what the average grocery bag would generate,has consumed at least ten x more fuel than was necessary to move you from A to B and finally cost us all a livable planet.

Yes this will sell.


January 04, 2014

Ford Uses SunPower Solar Cells for Its Electric Concept Car

@Gideon Goudsmit

I see we have some readers here who have only the most remote familiarity with a photovoltaic cell or even basic science.

5.8 kwhr's from this tiny 300 watt array??

Must be those folks with a true dual axis tracker and SunPower modules set up with the best inverters or regulators, that regularly keep the panels clean, and live in a good sun area foolishly wasted their money.

They could have simply bought one of these vehicles and just plugged it in

At best with all things ideal you would be lucky to get 1.2kwhr from this array

Considering that even the best EV's not dragging around a dead weight of an engine like a hybrid does can get about one mile for each 300-400 whr's, you are lucky to get another three miles.

Fresnel lens as concentrator?
Note the word concentrator.
Unless they magically extract the infrared from the rest of the useable wavelengths the cells would be above STC temps at all times except in sub zero temps.
That means power losses
PTC would most likely be a feeble 200 watts at most

Concentrate using a Fresnel?
It may be able to aggregate a bit of off angle irrradiance but then what do they do about physics of sun having to pass through a greater length of atmosphere morning and evening? Ever seen 1000w/m2 at these times?

Yes ,as I said this will sell

January 03, 2014

Can We Turn Unwanted Carbon Dioxide Into Electricity?

Just as any terminal patient's doctor will search frantically and desperately for a cure,these overpaid number crunching dreamers have the same mindset and goals as they also search for a means of keeping all the current insanity,fueled exclusively by finite fossil fuels, up and running, right up to when they finally figure out what the word finite means.

I'm quite positive that not one of them has ever considered the downsides of the inevitable total collapse of this 'Fossil Fuel Disney Land theme park' we like to call reality, will be when you put a near dead culture and lifestyle on this futile attempt at life support. Just like the unsustainable costs of putting anything else on life support ,with its bottomless pit of wealth destruction ,I'm quite certain these 'wunderkind with a spreadsheet' with research 'funded' with more borrowed money , have no idea as to what EROI refers to.

Energy Return on Investment is and will continue to be the operative words as we transition into not only a world of energy scarcity but more importantly a world of investment capital scarcity.

Capital is more than endless debt created by someone manically manipulating zero's and one's on a computer, when they aren't sitting in a high rise in lower Manhattan snorting white powder (and your 401K) up their noses.

January 03, 2014

Can We Turn Unwanted Carbon Dioxide Into Electricity?

@Frank Heller


Of course your solution would mean we leave vast stretches of acreage just sitting and growing while extracting only what the forests can sustainably produce.

That means we could not build McMansion's on it and then borrow endless volumes of capital (zeros' and one's) to generate the power needed to power all of these Monuments to the Geography of Nowhere ,along with supporting all the consumption and waste the McMansion's represent.

I'm certain your solution would be scoffed at and you would be labeled a Luddite and not very 'forward' thinking by 'your betters'.

Of course most good solutions come from those who take a shower after work and not before.

Nothing new there.

December 17, 2013

The Solar Opportunity

Curiously amazed at how agriculture and solar technology are following two almost identical paths

More specifically I refer to how the technologists and corporate vested interests along with non thinking sycophantic politico's and gullible "farmers" allowed our agriculture to devolve into a non sustainable and for the most part, toxic and monolithic "agribusiness" that exists almost elusively as an extension and commodity factory for the junk food industry serving as a poor substitute for real food

And now a once grass roots and potentially game changing technology of solar power has been subverted into a means of serving as "mind pablum" to convince most folks that the mindless suburbs and malignant mega cities created on the back of fossil fuels can and should be powered by solar as a means of keeping them on life support while struggling with a poor substitute for real living

Our "farms" are now mega and mindless and are essentially kept on life support by massive injections of finite fossil fuels, and the suburbs and mega city dwellers are kept in a constant state of self delusion of "we will just keep all this going off of renewable energy" while remaining above room temperature through consumption of toxins from agribusiness posing as farms.

Yes The Unsettling of America
Wendell Barry was right back in 1977 when he wrote it and it is even more relevant today.

Dog help us all

December 17, 2013

The Solar Opportunity

Mike Smith you should not be asking that question

It could force the delusional believers to actually start looking realistically at all the hype and myth that keeps the fantasy alive.

The 'true believers' might actually be forced to make the fundamental changes necessary to help us "go back to move forward"

December 17, 2013

The Solar Opportunity

That's about all they have are dreams.

I was approached to be part of NABCEP when it first was dreamed up and I saw early on that it would just morph into a means of control and padding of a few already well feathered nests at the expense of real positive and critically needed fundamental change.

But NABCEP will not be the failure of renewable energy

The land grant colleges and extension services that were spun off were not the death of sustainable agriculture. They were simply facilitators of its accelerated decline.

NABCEP is now just playing their part in the same way.

The true threat will ultimately come to fruition not because of any one thing we do. It will be due to accumulated failures as the result of what we won't or cannot do.

November 14, 2013

Strange Bedfellows: Why the Tea Party is Fighting for Solar

For anyone who has been to a few Tea Party gatherings or knows someone who associates with the group you're probably not too surprised by this.

Before the Tea Party became more well known and certainly before it was co-opted by the likes of the Billionaire Koch Brother Sociopaths and Faux News,most of the Tea Party members were rightfully enraged with the Economic Royalists who have always ruled America behind the scenes and finally showed themselves for the pathetic criminals and inbreds they are, with the more than obvious Wall Street and bankster scams in 07-08.

These Tea Party folks only voice their opposition to solar and renewables and electric vehicles and environmental responsibility because of the multibillion dollar protection racket known as the mainstream media. A protection racket owned lock stock and barrel by the same Economic Royalists who have been successful in even getting Tea Party folks to believe that "the liberal media" actually does exist.

Now the same Economic Royalists are having their bought and paid for stenographer 'journalists' scream for all to hear that America is the New Saudi Arabia of oil and gas due to the magic of fracking.

Just one more of their efforts in temporarily fending off those who will soon be climbing the gated walls of the Royalists' compounds, enraged that they were once again lied to as the Royalists drug of choice called fossil fuels finally dried up and the common folks find there really has been little or any effort to find a practical substitute for at least growing enough to keep them fed.

Nothing really new here if you know anything of past history

October 26, 2013

Solar PV + Storage = The Next Big Thing

"Storage complements solar PV perfectly , but doubles the cost"

This is a blanket statement that does not clearly reflect reality

Yes I suppose if you do very little of any real design planning and just slap a big bank of batteries together and call it a solution then sure the costs could double.

But I'm still amazed at how many otherwise smart designers still ignore the fact that any and all grid tie inverters, no matter the size or type can be easily AC Coupled.

Just as a Uboat commander demanded that, when tracking destroyers had them locked into staying submerged, power demands would be rolled back to keep the sub operational in this emergency, power demands when utility is absent can also be rolled back and you can function at a fairly high level on just a little storage and direct PV power.

An AC Coupling system our team has developed over the last year ,and soon going to UL, seamlessly integrates batteries and inverter to existing grid tie systems and keeps them working in spite of the grid being down.

Unlike other systems that use crude 'slam bang' control or somewhat less crude frequency power shift ,we have full linear regulation of power and voltage and we even include automatic load management and a means of connection without the usual transfer switch methods used by others.

New inverters are coming on line now that are built with both off grid and on grid capabilities and include AC Coupling that is controlled by simply using a master/slave setup and power modulation built into the firmware.

This set up is the true future of backup power and will greatly reduce the unnecessary 'train car load of batteries' most designers are still hung up on.

So does back up solar with batteries double the costs?

Not if you do your homework and start thinking outside the box

October 28, 2013

Solar PV + Storage = The Next Big Thing

@stan curley

"But are you asking ANY American to deal with any analogy of life on a U-boat while under destroyer attack?"

Of course not.
I would think that would be fairly clear

It would seem you miss my point

1. Using batteries for storage where you make no adjustments at all to your load profile (extremely easy as most users waste at least half) when the grid goes down is certainly not cost effective at all.

2. Storage with PV power coupled with the grid is far off from ever being truly economical without another tax scheme or other frauds.

3. Anyone who uses AC Coupling for anything other than being a means of getting at least life saving power from an array that is as useless as 'tits on a boar' when the grid dies or perhaps does not already have an off grid system where you are trying to reduce the BOS of charge regulators etc is a waste of money.

As far as the Uboat scenario I used perhaps I could have used a less dramatic example but it is purely the height of naivety to think that massive losses of the grid with all the accompanying chaos and mayhem is a fantasy.
I'm sure the folks at Fukushima are now rethinking their blind optimism.

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