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February 21, 2014

Japan FIT Changes Reflect End of Residential PV Program and Delay in Non-residential Projects

Thanks, Greg. The FY 2012 rate was for between April "2012" and March 2013.

January 10, 2014

Bifacial PV Modules: Can They Move Beyond BIPV Applications?

Thank you, Michael for your comment.
You are exactly right. One (peak point) is around 10 am and the other one is around 2-3 pm. I originally meant one peak in the morning and another peak occurs in the afternoon.
Thank you for pointing out! Junko

May 15, 2013

Fighting Blackouts: Japan Residential PV and Energy Storage Market Flourishing

Thank you, Dennis.
Yes, this story is solely on the residential segment, excluding non-residential and utility segment.

The federal government also currently supports this emergency preparation by providing a subsidy of 1/3 of the battery installed cost.

Japan also tries to diversify renewable energy mix besides PV. The FIT rate for geothermal system below 15 MW is 42 yen/kWh (~$0.42/kWh) for 15 years and system over 15 MW is 27.3 yen/kWh (~$0.27/kWh) for 15 years.

May 06, 2013

Is the Japan PV Market the Next Big Thing?

Bob, Japan is just getting started for the large scale non-residential segment; however, Japan's residential market is one of the oldest (about 20 years old) and largest (+1.2 GW/yr in 2012) in the world. Japan's PV market has been built upon many many local, roof-top installers.

Japan has two key goals with the new FIT – expediting growth of large-scale non-residential systems: (1) support energy supply/diversification post Fukushima nuclear disaster and (2) support growth of domestic production (up to 2007 Japan was the world largest PV production country).

I agree that the roof-top is probably wiser choice specifically space-constraint market like Japan.

May 06, 2013

Is the Japan PV Market the Next Big Thing?

For residential systems, it should be from high 300 yen/W to low 400 yen/W ($3-$4/W when $1 = 100 yen conversion). The national government provides a upfront, capacity-based incentive, which pays 20 yen/W for system installed cost is lower than 410 yen/W while 15 yen/W for system installed cost is lower than 500 yen/W and greater than 410 yen/W.

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