Jose Luis M. Cortez's Comments

April 10, 2009

La Revolucion Energetica: Cuba's Energy Revolution

This is very very interesting.. Cuba indeed can become a model for other island nations to become energy independent. I once visited Puerto Rico , The Hawaiian Islands and the Dominican Republic in the middle 80's and did not visit Cuba because of the political situation there. At that time the Dept. of Energy, wanted me to help the Dominican Republic build up their alternative energy (solar and Biomass) resources, in part because Cuba was building a nuclear reactor with Russian help. The Dominicans were asking for our help at that time so they could have their own reactor!

I am glad, now Cuba can became a model for Puerto Rico and the Dominican republic to get their "SOLAR ACT" together....we have come a long way and lets face it, Cuba has something to offer the rest of the world in this case. I amd now back promoting solar energy and one of these days I may just go visit CUBA....

Jose Luis M Cortez, Ph.D.

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