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February 24, 2012

Germany Slashes FIT Subsidies in an Effort to Rein in Solar Power Installations

These are hard adjustments to the falling cost of PV panels and fast growth. It needs to be done slowly. A percentage does that automatically.

Hey I wonder why this hasn't been done on the big subsidies Nuclear and OIL still get. That would make Solar look even better while adjustments are made.

March 14, 2012

If Solar is Contagious, Can Utilities Help Spread the Bug?

We should learn to work with the Utiltiy. Some think they are gready, they think you are energy hogs using most at the Peak Time of day. We have to help each other.

In California they made rules that let the utiltiy save part of the money if they did things that helped us reduce use. They had Net-Metering before most states and lead in solar PV and solat hot water systems. Usrs have also not used more energy while the rest of the country has almost doubles their use by person.

Let's find ways that we save and the utuiltiy saves. Better rules and becoming aware of the real expenses can save us all a lot of money and maybe save the world !

February 01, 2012

Kyocera to Launch Solar With Li-Ion Battery Storage for Homes in Japan

FIT Feed In Tarrif that pays more than you are charged for a kWh makes this a real smart idea. Using your EV battery for the back up makes it a bigger payback. Using V2G-101.com , Vehicle To GRID you can get paid to help regulate the GRID with short bursts of power in and out of the GRID. It tickles your batteries and you get paid.
The batteries can also supply back up if needed. A relay would automatically cut off the GRID if their power failed just like it can on any battery back up GRID Tied Solar system.

February 10, 2012

Kyocera to Launch Solar With Li-Ion Battery Storage for Homes in Japan

Nuclear Education= 90% of the uranium used in the 104 nuclear plants in the USA is imported from foreign countries.

Nuclear plants have to be shut down and refueled every 18 months.

All the waste is stored on site with no long term solution in site. Most locations were running out of room so they requested and got permission to build more on site storage.

Not a single nuclear plant is built that can pay for itself. The governments has to loan the money and insure the plant.

Nuclear is the most expensive power ever made and the final cost is not yet done.

February 05, 2012

Researchers: Quantum Dots Boost Solar Cell Efficiency by 45%

Back to the real issue.

Can solar panels be made that are 45% efficient AND still not heat up and crack to keep a 25 year warranty like todays great panels?

Can their cost be at $1-2 a watt like many of todays panels ?

We already have great panels that are very reliable, we need more efficient homes and appliances like the LED lights and PC displays I use. My home has 4 Kw, less than half my roof area and makes more that I use to run my home and 100% electric LEAF vehicle.

Energy storage is also an issue sine fossil fuel and nuclear and even hydro make energy at night Off Peak we could store and use days. V2G-101.com can provide that storage at very low cost.

January 25, 2012

Asia Solar Cell Producers Rising Amid Pricing War

Arizona has First Solar and Sunteck, along with the most sun of anyplace on earth. We will prosper even against subsidied fossil fuel and Chinese PV.

Now if we can just get to keep our SRECs and get Feed In Tarrif since solar is clean and during the Peak Time of day.

January 25, 2012

Concentrating Photovoltaics: It's Make It or Break It Time

CPV has always been great. The new Sunpower C7 system sounds like the perfect balance of not too little or too much. This should make the output last for a long time and be reliable. Sunpower has already been a leader in top efficiency in PV for many years.

January 20, 2012

Solar Getting Cheaper, But Not Equally

I would think AZ, NM and California would be lowest cost since they have the most Sun to make the most per KW installed. The Production should be part of the data.

Here in AZ the cost installed is about $4-5 a watt today. Then we have Federal incentives like all state plus a state incentive of $1K and local utiltiy incentives of about $1.20 a watt. We also have Net-Metering with 1 year roll over.
Other states have Feed In Tarrifs and REC or SREC credits. There is a lot to account for.

Then the type of local power and all of it's incentives like COAL, NG Hydro and Nuclear. They are hard to figure and now you have new pollution carbon taxes and mercury reduction limits coming out. I guess until they are set you can't show them as hard costs but it sure helps to know what they are and how big they are even after 30 years or more of being on the books.

January 18, 2012

Solar Fred Solar Marketing Tip: What If We Sold Residential Solar Like Cars?

Home power has a PV vs SUV chart that shows how much you save comparing the 2. homepower.com/article/?file=HP90_pg46_Smithson
FYI just in case
PV is Photo Voltaic electric panels, made in the USA of course
EV is electric vehicle, also made in the USA
SUV is Sport Utiltiy Vehicle

I also like to compare PV vs a Swimming Pool. The PV makes money while the Swimming Pools uses water, electric for pumps and chemicals.

With An EV and PV I call it Feed In Transportation, where about $1 in an EV of electricity replace 2 gallons of gas $6.60 today at 25 mpg. Add in the Environmental factors and it's priceless.

If people really compare investments Solar PV is a big winner.

January 11, 2012

Energy Storage: Four Break Out Stocks and a Short Circuit

as OIL, gas,diesel prices rise so will stock in Tesla. When their new Model S Sedan is released in June and gas is $5 a gallon I want to own as much of their stock as I can.

The Energy Storage issue is big. The US Imports 50% of the OIL burned in 20% or less efficient vehicles every day. Power plants have excess energy Off Peak and can't ramp down or up so it's wasted. Solar and Wind could be stored for more use in the GRID.

December 16, 2011

Photovoltaic Installations: Around the World

awesome pictures. This is a great perspective on how great Solar PV is all around the entire world. Nice job, very inspiring.

Tibet: World's Highest PV System

Jim Stack

Jim Stack

I installed my own GRID Tied solar system in 2001 before incentives or net-metering. I then worked to get net-metering and am now working for FIT. I used to drive a plugin PHVE50, since St Paddys day 3-19-2011 we have a 100% electric LEAF....

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