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November 14, 2013

How Vermont Has Promoted Local Renewable Energy

Way to go Vermont.

Here is mega Sunny Phoenix the local utility has proposed to charge Solar customers an extra $50-100 a month for using the GRID. They funded a 3.7 Million campaign try to say that the 1% of Solar customers are being subsidized by the 99% who don't have solar. In fact it's the other way around.
Solar customers help the GRID during the Peak Time of day, don't make pollution or use water and improve the power factor. They even use the excess at night when the utility can't store or ramp it down. But they want to kill it all for greed.

October 30, 2013

Finding Common Ground: Is This Document the Answer to the Net Metering Debate?

An excellent report. We should also factor in that Solar makes their power during the peak time of day and uses the excess that may get dumped at night since most power plants can't ramp down and utilities have no storage. Also the savings on water since solar PV uses none and makes no pollution while COAL, NG and Nuclear all boil water that evaporates. This is why Nuclear plants are normally located on lakes and rivers.

October 18, 2013

The Big Question: Can Countries Reach 100 Percent Renewable Energy?

We sure can. I already live in a 110% Solar home that makes more than we use for our 100% electric home and LEAF electric vehicle. I give clean energy to the local utility during On Peak hours that they then sell to my neighbors in Milli-seconds over the local wires. I charge at nigh since they make extra and can't ramp down or store the energy so it gets dumped if not used.

I'd be glad to sell them some of my energy stored in my vehicle On Peak with V2G and let them control my Air Cond and Heating Heat pump with Smart GRID so they can balance their loads.

The US has the technology. We all have great resources from Solar to Wind, Geo-thermal and hydro. We just need to work together. If I can do it we can all do it together.

August 19, 2013

Solar Is from Mars, Utilities Are from Venus: Finding a Common Language for Net Metering

Solar is very reliable and FIRM power. My GRID Ties Solar system makes all it's power during the Peak Time Of day. It never makes it Off Peak when there is excess in the GRID at night. They Prove how valuable PTOD power is by charging 4 times more for TOD customers. They also prove how valuable Clean Renewable Solar is by selling Renewable Energy for 150% more than they normal rate.

I have an electric vehicle and charge it only Off Peak at night when APS has excess because they can't ramp down Nuclear or COAL. They prove they have excess by their special low rate of 2 cents from 11 pm to 5 AM.

So since APS proves how valuable Solar is by their rates they should pay the same amount to GRID Tied solar customers ! Actions speak louder than proposed plans.

PS all solar customers pay a connection fee of about $20 a month to be connected and for transmission lines and transformers. Distributed Power reduces the load on transmission lines and transformer. Reduced water use, reduces fuel cost. Improves PF Power Factor.

August 19, 2013

Hydroelectric Project Regulation and Development Bills Await President Obama's Signature

Utilities should also improve their existing hydro plants. They can replace turbines with new more efficient units like they are doing in Europe and Canada. There are also many other improvements that can and should be made. Most utility hydro plants are 30-50 years old and can double their energy output by updating to modern equipment.

July 31, 2013

Rank 'Em: The Most Solar-Friendly States in the US

We need a National Net-Metering policy. The utilities and consumers have to both learn to work together with incentives that reward both for Renewable Energy and being super efficient!

Lane is almost right, the incentives have gone away but the prices have fallen enought we don't need their incentives. We also won't have to give them our SRECs Solar Renewable Energy Credits any longer.
We can't let them take away Net-Metering. We have to push for FIT metering where they have to pau us what they charge for Renewable Energy they sell to others at 150% of the regular cost.
We have to force the government to stop giving subsidies for COAL, Nuclear and Natural gas as they have for over 50 years. We have to force them to stop fracking! Then everyone can see how low cost Solar Electric really is!

July 24, 2013

How Do Storage Systems in Photovoltaic Installations Work?

If it LEAD your going backwards to begin with. Even popular Science had an article showing LEAD is the worst pollution in history. We took lead out of paint and even gasoline so lets not use it in batteries.
Stationary batteries are also short sighted. They can only be use at that one location.

The best is V2G, read www.V2G-101.COM to learn how advanced lithium batteries can act as backup, Time Of day power feeds and regulation of the GRID.

Solar City is the only Solar company I know of that is using Lithium batteries as backup. They are from Tesla , the best new car in 100 years and only new car company in 50 years in the USA !

May 08, 2013

First Solar to Lay Off 150 Employees in North America

If more people would see the light and buy solar they would not have to layoff. Many still just burn coal and NG like it was natural but it IS NOT!

Buy American, Buy Clean and Renewable. Drive electric!

May 12, 2013

First Solar to Lay Off 150 Employees in North America

First Solar is light and on many homes. It don't add much weight at all. My favorite is Sunpower with almost double the energy of most panels, best in high heat and the best warranty! If I was doing solar today that is what I would use.
I've had my system since 2001, works fantastic making more than I use for my home and car that are both 100% electric!

May 01, 2013

Verizon to Invest $100 Million in U.S. Solar and Fuel Cells

Solar is great. Most people know fuel cells will always be 20 years away and just store energy most made from Fossil Fuels. They are very expensive but make Lithium battery mega storage looks very low cost.

April 17, 2013

2030: A Future Roadmap for Renewables?

Patrick, Doug is very correct. There have been subsidies for OIL, NG, COAL and Nuclear and this is the real problem. If we reduce them by 10% a year so we don't create a big problem we will all see how low cost and great Renewable Energy is right now.

Jim Stack

Jim Stack

I installed my own GRID Tied solar system in 2001 before incentives or net-metering. I then worked to get net-metering and am now working for FIT. I used to drive a plugin PHVE50, since St Paddys day 3-19-2011 we have a 100% electric LEAF....

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