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January 22, 2014

Solar Beats Natural Gas to Unlock Middle East’s Heavy Oil, Says GlassPoint Solar

Why not just use the Solar Energy direct and not waste it on OIL that pollutes and is burned in Internal combustion engines that are only 15-20% efficient. Seems like a waste of good clean energy.

January 01, 2014

Listen Up: Let's Talk Energy Storage

Millions of plugin vehicles can add storage and just tickle their batteries Read all about it at www.V2G-101.webs.com

January 01, 2014

Dreaming Big: Six Really Far-Thinking Renewable Energy Plans

Instead of Solar in the desert we can put solar on every home and business in the desert and all sunny areas. Use it right where it's made. It also is made right during Peak Times just when we need it most. Or sorry some of us already do that so it's not Far-Thinking enough, it's just real and practical and pays off the fastest.

We can also use these electricity to eliminate the $1 Billion in imported OIL and fracking that is killing our country. Electric is about $1 vs a gallon of gas. In fact OIL using more electricity to refine it that you could drive on that same electricity. We can also charge only at night Off Peak when we have excess. We can use the vehicles for storage see www.V2G-101.webs.com Oh sorry that's also to practical and not Far-Thinking enough.

Oh well maybe we can just keep dreaming instead of using what we already have.

December 25, 2013

The Big Question: What Is the Future Utility Business Model?

JG , You are right, Distributed Generation on each home right at the point of use if the best and helps the GRID by lowering loads on transmission lines and transformers. GRID Tied also used energy Off Peak that can't be ramped down or stored. It a partnership we both can benefit from.

December 25, 2013

The Return of the Badly Rhyming 12 Days of Solar Christmas

Scrooge is making Solar Customers pay a fee now in Arizona for use of the GRID..... it's now 70 cents a Kw each month but they will try to increase it. Yet Solar helps the GRID just not in their pocket! since they charge 50% more for Clean Renewable Energy. Ho Ho Ho

December 18, 2013

Are Electric Vehicles Already Halfway to Market Dominance?

The FACTS are, all gas and diesel vehicles are started by an electric motor and battery.
The US still subsidies OIL and a gallon really cost $8-10,just look at Europe.
The US imports $1 Billion a day in foreign OIL.
A gallon of OIL takes as much electricity to refine and you could drive on that same electricity.
Electric cars can charge Off Peak and we would never need a new power plant or create any extra pollution.

A gas car is 15-20% efficient, an Electric car over 85% efficient.
REGEN Braking also saves brake wear and makes energy ,that alone is a great reason to go electric.

Lithium batteries are considered non toxic by the EPA.
Gas and diesel produce 20 lbs of deadly pollution per 9 lbs/ a gallon burned!

December 06, 2013

City-Owned Texas Utility Already Serves 40% Renewable Energy

That's what we need, more leading the way to well over 50% Renewable. It's very possible and more.

November 29, 2013

An Open Letter to the Arizona Public Service Company

First APS should be fines under article 40-202 of the Corp Commission for deceitful advertising. They had denied funding ads but were finally caught. They paid $3.7 Million for the ads. They should be fined at 10 times that amount. The money should be then sent to all Solar customers at $100 for each Kw of solar times the number of years they have been on the GRID helping the Peak Power.

As to Net-Metering, Solar customers should be paid exactly what APS charges customers for Renewable Energy. They charge a 50% premium.

If they need a GRID charge everyone should pay the same fee, not just solar customers who actually help the GRID.

November 16, 2013

Does Your State Have the Right Stuff to Build a Clean Energy Economy?

Great point Solar is so much more from passive to phantom and active. solar hot water , radiant barriers, inflector window coverings. I combine them all and run my entire home and LEAF with a 4 kw GRID tied system on 110% Solar . I still make 10% extra and help the utility right during Peak hours.

Our State is no longer Solar friendly, Our Corporation Commission just added a $7 per kw ,per month GRID charge only for solar customers. We help the GRID and they charge us.
Yet they still subsidies Nuclear with 90% imported Russian uranium and 80 tons of waste still stored on site. 60% of the electric they make is sold out of state while using our water (60 million gallons a day) in a desert of Phoenix.

November 14, 2013

How Vermont Has Promoted Local Renewable Energy

Way to go Vermont.

Here is mega Sunny Phoenix the local utility has proposed to charge Solar customers an extra $50-100 a month for using the GRID. They funded a 3.7 Million campaign try to say that the 1% of Solar customers are being subsidized by the 99% who don't have solar. In fact it's the other way around.
Solar customers help the GRID during the Peak Time of day, don't make pollution or use water and improve the power factor. They even use the excess at night when the utility can't store or ramp it down. But they want to kill it all for greed.

October 30, 2013

Finding Common Ground: Is This Document the Answer to the Net Metering Debate?

An excellent report. We should also factor in that Solar makes their power during the peak time of day and uses the excess that may get dumped at night since most power plants can't ramp down and utilities have no storage. Also the savings on water since solar PV uses none and makes no pollution while COAL, NG and Nuclear all boil water that evaporates. This is why Nuclear plants are normally located on lakes and rivers.

Jim Stack

Jim Stack

I installed my own GRID Tied solar system in 2001 before incentives or net-metering. I then worked to get net-metering. I also financed a 110 kW system on a local church. . We have a 100% electric vehicles but still bicycle as much as possible....

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