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Jane Weissman's Blog Posts

- January 21, 2015

Proof in Numbers: Putting Solar Job Census & Home Value Study in Perspective

Encouraging news was published last week. Avoiding any hyperbolic phrases, the facts speak for themselves. Almost 174,000 solar workers were counted in The Solar Foundation’s 2014 Census...

- January 07, 2015

Take a Look at the New 2015 Models

I still find pulling out a yellow legal pad along with a few sharp pencils productive as a way of jotting down notes, ideas and doodles. Tis the season to do so as we start at the top...

- November 06, 2014

6 Renewable Energy Trends to Watch for in 2015

Fall is when IREC releases its annual report, Trends Shaping Our Clean Energy Future. These 35 pages are not just a litany of our activites but dig into deeper reasoning of what we've...

- October 08, 2014

The intersection of two worlds

I’ve been asked quite a few times about the National Network of Business and Industry Associations. IREC was invited to join the National Network a year ago and I just got back from...

- September 04, 2014

As the Present Now Will Later Be Past*

I don’t watch much TV. I enjoy some of the cooking shows on the Food Network and of course, watching baseball (even when my team has been traded away). I do keep an eye on commercials,...

- July 10, 2014

No Deadends in This Roadmap

Oh no, another roadmap! Sometimes dubbed business or strategic plans, they come with different personalities and effectiveness. Many end up sitting on the proverbial "shelf," but I'm...

- June 05, 2014

Inch by Inch – Closing the Divide

It was a year ago that we wrote in this column about the stifling effect of operating in silos.  Our particular focus was (and still is) on the unfortunate split between the renewable...

- May 13, 2014

Thank You Mr. President: More Support for Training Programs at Community Colleges Will Ready More Workers for Solar Jobs

May 9 was a momentous day for solar energy with one giant announcement kicking off a new set of promising and proven actions.  President Obama publicized more than 300 private and public...

- May 05, 2014

Conversations Without Devices

In true marathon spirit, IREC has had its running shoes on this spring, hitting conferences and meetings on all sides of the country.  These events have been most fruitful and rewarding...

- April 04, 2014

Energy Storage: Bank On It

Storage is cool.  It's so ingrained in our daily lives that it's invisible.  From the pantry closet and fridge storing our food to fuel tanks in our homes and cars, storage gives us...

Jane Weissman

Jane Weissman

Jane has been the President and CEO of the Interstate Renewable Energy Council, Inc. since 1994. From 1985 until 1991, she was the Executive Director of the Massachusetts Photovoltaic Center. Jane is Vice Chair of the North American Board...

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