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- February 10, 2014

Goin' Fishing: Two Crowdfunding Campaigns for Ocean Energy

We don't get to cover ocean/tidal energy as often as some of our other renewable energy topics, so imagine our surprise when we got word of not one but two updates this week -- and...

- January 17, 2014

Does A European PV Fab Make Sense?

Reports came out this week that Germany, France, Switzerland, and possibly other European nations are mulling a plan to pool efforts and establish a combined massive-scale solar cell...

- December 13, 2013

Code Slingers Unite for DOE's Ocean Energy Contest

IT runs deep in my family and circle of friends, with an emphasis on programming: everything from MUMPS to Ruby on Rails, and SUDO is a legitimate debate-winning tactic. I, however,...

- December 06, 2013

Three More Crowdfunding Examples to Support Community Solar

Last month the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) issued a call for support to help it get solar energy programs on top of, and into, select schools nationwide. Thanks to an...

- November 22, 2013

VAWT on the Vineyard: Small Wind Revisited

There's a fairly robust market for small-scale distributed wind systems (SWT) Navigant Consulting projects global installations will grow from an around 85 MW in 2012 to 172 MW in 2018...

- November 08, 2013

Crowdfunded Solar on Schools: Here's Your Chance to Make the Sun Shine for Kids

One of the biggest barriers to community-level renewable energy is access to capital. But increasingly we're seeing increased emphasis on crowdfunding efforts, from Dutch wind turbines...

- September 06, 2013

Ontario Reveals New FIT Structure

Ontario is putting its new feed-in tariff program out for public feedback -- just in time for a RenewableEnergyWorld.com road trip to the region. Last month the Ontario Power Authority...

James Montgomery

James Montgomery

Jim is Contributing Editor for RenewableEnergyWorld.com, covering the solar and wind beats. He previously was associate editor for Solid State Technology and Photovoltaics World, and has covered semiconductor manufacturing and related industries,...

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