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- December 05, 2013

Energy Storage Roundup: Ontario and California, Imergy, Stem, Hitachi

Many see energy storage as the holy grail for renewable energy integration. We think it's important enough that we recently added a new technology category to our site to track this...

- December 03, 2013

Solar Cell Efficiency Round-Up: Silicon, CIGS, and Sonics

During the past few weeks we've been tracking some announcements about solar cell efficiency improvements, both for silicon and thin-film PV. While research continues to push both traditional...

- November 28, 2013

SolarCity's Good News Trifecta: Cash, Closure, And Growth

It's been a good couple of weeks for the benchmark third-party solar installer, from financing to expansion, and it's quieted a pesky argument too.

- November 26, 2013

Siva Power: Why Our CIGS Tech Will Rule Solar PV

Armed with backgrounds and technologies from two related industries, the resurrected thin-film solar PV company vows to show the industry what scaling really is.

- November 25, 2013

Duke Accepts Wind Industry's First Bird Death Fine

Duke Energy Renewables and the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) have reached a settlement on charges levied under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA) for 14 golden eagle mortalities...

- November 25, 2013

Getting the Band Back Together: E3i Tosses Hat Into Utility-scale Solar PV Ring

Regions continue to hungrily build out utility-scale solar PV projects worldwide. Utility-scale installations this year already exceed a record 6 GWp and are on track to top 8 GWp,...

- November 19, 2013

Roll Call: EPC Firms Clamoring to Get Into Utility-scale Solar PV

Countries around the world continue to hungrily develop, pursue, and approve utility-scale solar PV projects, defined as upwards of 10 MWp in size (DC capacity). In its latest rankings...

- November 18, 2013

Who's Winning the Net Metering Debate Now?

After Arizona's decision to keep net metering but add a small fixed charge, we asked around the industry: who won, who lost, and what precedent does this set for battles in other states...

- November 15, 2013

Mixed Result: Arizona Keeps Net Metering, But Levies Smaller Solar Fee

In one of the more closely-watched solar energy policy decisions in recent memory, the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) has ruled after two days of hearings to keep its net metering...

- November 14, 2013

Google, Facebook Up the Renewable Energy Ante

Underscoring the affinity between technology operations and renewable energy, some of the world's biggest IT and service provider companies continue to line up to back more renewable...

James Montgomery

James Montgomery

Jim is Contributing Editor for RenewableEnergyWorld.com, covering the solar and wind beats. He previously was associate editor for Solid State Technology and Photovoltaics World, and has covered semiconductor manufacturing and related industries,...

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