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- June 17, 2014

Energy Savings in Your Sleep

Seldera’s Building Dynamics helps industrial manufacturers capture savings from idling loads. Once an insignificant overhead charge, electricity is an increasingly large component of...

- March 18, 2014

Minnesota Paves the Way for Solar Advocates Nationwide

The solar battle between utilities, stakeholders, solar customers and other rate payers is coming to an end—at least in Minnesota. Last Wednesday, the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission...

- December 19, 2013

Soft Costs Reductions are Essential for Solar Industry

What needs to be done to accelerate adoption of solar in the U.S.? The price of solar cells is continuously dropping and financing mechanisms are put in place to create affordable solar....

- November 07, 2013

Massachusetts Sets Itself Apart as Global Clean Energy Hub

Massachusetts, a state filled with top-tier universities, is known for its entrepreneurial vision, history of innovation and spawning scientific advances. The technological gains have...

- August 01, 2013

Solar Friendly Communities Help Mitigate Soft Costs

Despite our growing industry’s best efforts, solar power remains unavailable to hundreds of communities across the country. The simple question is: Why? The answer lies in two words:...

- April 30, 2013

Renewable Energy Supporting Virginians Are Being Shackled By Dominion Power

Sandwiched between several clean energy-happy states in the mid-Atlantic, Virginia is battling the shackles of overwhelming utility influence. Sixty-nine percent of Virginians support...

- April 22, 2013

Solar Apps Improving Process, Customer Engagement

Henry David Thoreau once exclaimed, “Men have become the tools of their tools.” Today, Thoreau’s pronouncement seems dead on—he was just a couple of centuries early. People have now...

Jake Rozmaryn

Jake Rozmaryn

Jake Rozmaryn is a clean energy advocate and thought leader who regularly publishes articles in Renewable Energy World and The Energy Collective. Jake utilizes his expertise to communicate trends and new technologies in clean tech that...

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