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Bernard Ferret's Blog Posts

- May 14, 2013

What do Tesla Motors and Climate Change have in common?

The deniers are being proven wrong! Remember Romney's comment on Tesla Motors about a year ago during the 2012 presidential campaign? ... loser! I love losers like Tesla! Tesla reported...

- April 15, 2013

Smart Grid Gets Public Support

Silver Spring Networks, a Redwood City, CA-based provider of Smart Grid software and hardware is our employer of the week for Apr 06-12, 2013, with 26 green job postings. Just like...

- April 09, 2013

Big Money and Green Jobs for Kansas Buffalo Dunes Wind Farm

General Electric and Andover, MA-based ENEL Green Power (jobs at ENEL) announced on Monday Apr. 8th, 2013 that GE will invest $40 million to help ENEL build the Buffalo Dunes wind farm...

- March 08, 2013

Green Employer of The Week --Mar/01-08/13: Vivint Solar

Vivint is our employer of the week for Mar 01-08, 2013, with a total of 102 green job postings. Here are some good examples of the positions that are available: Solar Installation Technician...

- March 02, 2013

Top 5 Solar Energy Jobs: The Complete Guide

Everything you need to know about getting a solar energy job is here! The 5 top types of jobs, the solar companies that are hiring the most, and the solar trade and non-profit associations....

- February 22, 2013

Green Employer of the Week --Feb/16-22/13: SolarCity

SolarCity is our employer of the week for Feb 16-22, 2013, with 128 new green job postings, and a total of 178. SolarCity was also our #2 in The Top 10 Green Employers of 2012. Here...

- January 11, 2013

TheGreenJobBank 2012 Top 10 Green Employers

TheGreenJobBank published its list of Top 10 Green Employers of 2012. These employers are companies in multiple sectors of the Green Economy -renewable energy, green automotive, green...

- November 21, 2012

EV Charging Stations not Leading the Charge Fast Enough

This is the typical chicken and egg problem. No charging stations, no electric cars; no electric cars, no charging stations. Without charging stations everywhere, the range of EV's...

- October 31, 2012

New Data Analysis Software Makes Grid Smarter

What is the smart-grid? AutoGrid Systems, a "smart grid" start-up officially launched its "big data" analysis software to help optimize the electric grid. AutoGrid also announced that...

- October 23, 2012

Strong Economy Possible Without Destroying our Planet

A new briefing paper by Ethan Pollack of the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) titled "Counting up to Green: Assessing the green economy and its implications for growth and equity", paints...

Bernard Ferret

Bernard Ferret

Bernard is the founder and president of The Green Job Bank, the US #1 website for green jobs and green employers. He is an entrepreneur and product visionary with 2 decades of experience in entrepreneurship, venture capital, and start-up...

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