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May 03, 2011

Spinning Google Hope as Failure

fireofenergy, could you contact me, geiceo@yahoo.com to talk about the battery interest? We are looking for reasonable, reliable applications for developing with our VAWT system as well as possible Solar.
Would appreciate your thoughts of where you see it going and how you might see "Dr Goodenough'" technology developing in the near term. Dave B.

May 03, 2011

Distributed Solar Nears Grid Parity with Fair Electricity Pricing

IMHO we are all going to continue to fight an uphill battle until we can achieve the support of the masses; otherwise there is simply too much political wrangling going on in all areas/levels. The only way to get the masses behind you is to get them in the pocket-book/wallet and that's the fact of it. Net-metering has the potential to do that in a very simplified way; make it a Federally Controlled aspect for homeowners and business and make it reasonable for all sides. We could take away the Fed subsidies at that point as well.
I'm not a proponent of bigger Gov. by any means but some areas are just a lot more logical than others and this is one that is.
We can offer homeowner's very affordable systems in a number of renewable energy fields and we could some incentives, but we don't really need to if they can just get a reasonable return for what they pay for and produce and market back in the form of excess Energy to the Utility (or we can simply take them Off Grid in which case only they benefit; and what will happen when there are hundreds of thousands of them Off Grid?)
All sides can win in this with a little thought and a push forward to make the Utility Industry join in. Make it profitable for "both" sides but make the policy mandatory, regulated and monitored; and I think this "Smart Grid" technology can do much of that.
Again, just a thought and not the complete solution by any means but it's pretty simple and that's where it should be. Too much of this really gets over thought.
What's going to happen when the EV's come out that can really provide power back to the Grid when not in transportation use? They will face the same issue. Might want to consider who would get the REC's in a plan such as this as well; the "producer/owner" deserves them and that's the way it should stay, regardless of who uses the Energy.
Fire-away! Dave B.

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