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January 08, 2015

How to Get Famous in the Solar Industry

Great piece, Tor! The translation of Seth Godin's amazing legacy of work to the solar industry was succinct and insightful!

November 06, 2013

First Ever Women-Oriented Solar Survey Highlights Unveiled at SPI, Part 1

Hi Pamela:

Raina and I could not agree with you more. In fact this is only the first wave of a series of studies we are building to inform our clients and the industry on the preferences of women demographic groups and marketing communications to effectively reach them. The survey is not meant as the end all, be all of this intelligence. We have pioneered this approach and will continue to build upon it as we strengthen our data.

Please join us next week for #Solarchat on 11.13.13 when we will discuss the survey and work to reach more moms and homeowners in America through popular bloggers. We will be joined by the expert of marketing to women, Marti Barletta. You can register here:

Again, thank you for your comment. We invite you to continue to add your ideas and comments, Pamela.

February 14, 2008

Renewable Energy Firms Compete for Talent in a Tight Market

I recently transitioned from the home automation market - having assisted in building / marketing an integration firm in that industry.  Skill sets of research, analysis, marketing, public relations and web based communication/lead development are applicable here.  To attract top talent firms are going to need to look beyond industry specific qualifications to fundatmental skill sets that can be applied to the RE & EE industry.  I would venture that a track record of applying skill sets to different industries is helpful as well.  This is a critical industry sector...for the re-balancing of the global climate but for America as well!  The potential economic benefits, IP vitality and national psychological well being offered by this industry are truly awe inspiring.  Thank you for a great article.  Look forward to more 

Glenna Wiseman

Glenna Wiseman

Wiseman has been an executive marketing professional in the solar industry since 2007. Her expertise includes work with companies along the solar supply chain from manufacturers to installers, financing entities to solar O&M providers and...

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