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March 20, 2015

Texas Senator Seeks to Dismantle What He Helped Create: The Renewable Portfolio Standard

Well well a Republican trying to dismantle the green energy requirements. Will surprises never cease? I guess when he started they did not think that success would occur or the higher Republican powers said either you deny global warming and stop all green efforts or find another job.

March 14, 2015

Flawed Louisiana Net Metering Study Called Into Question

What do you expect from a Republican state? These guys are all about big business and you do not get any bigger than the carbon industry and utilities. Think of Louisiana as our countries backward corrupted uneducated poor third world country. What did you expect? They rejected national standards on education since they are near the lowest education levels in the country. You can't have anyone educated enough to read reports and understand that they are being screwed.
Not to worry we will soon have a Republican Federal government again and we can expect elimination of all alternative energy subsidies and research and favorable laws. But on the plus side we can expect more tax breaks for big oil and relaxation on pollution standards and the words Global Warming forbidden in the federal reports.

The crimes against humanity continue.

March 13, 2015

Battery Hackers Are Building the Future in the Garage

It sounds as if the initial solution is a much more energy efficient house. That is a better solution than building a field of solar cells. How about geothermal HVAC system which has a payback of less than 10 years and in some cases 7 years. How about 6 inch exterior studs with foam insulation and other insulation requirements. How about positioning the house to take advantage of passive solar radiation? How about energy efficient appliances and lighting? AND does he really need a 4500 sq foot house or is that for his ego?

Now talk about 1/2 the number of solar cells or less and smaller battery requirements. BTW the Tesla batter is optimized for weight vrs energy which is NOT the problem for a home. Soo there are cheaper solutions than a high end Tesla battery unless he got it for 20 cents on the dollar due to the wrecked vehicle.

Better yet why does the US need to give China its research on Molten Salt Reactors (MSR) in order for its development to move forward. It is because the US is owned by the oil/gas/existing nuclear industry and introducing this technology would destroy their price model and usher in a new era of no carbon emission no pollution and cheap electricity? The powers that be would rather see the entire planet wrecked than allow a more efficient competing technology to take off. This is called crimes against humanity.

February 25, 2015

West Virginia Legislation Poses Serious Threat to Rooftop Solar

It was all an accident that happens to get repeated in Republican state after republican state. If you believe that then you are truly a chump. The Republicans have systematically tried to kill alternative fuels and renewable fuels and energy efficiency standards and they have denied global warming exists. SOS just a different flavor. They have opposed any EPA rules and rules on lead in gas and paint and safety rules for cars and smoking limitations.

They have sold their souls to the oil and coal industry for some campaign dollars.

February 03, 2015

Carbon Nanoballs Can Transform the Renewable Energy Supply

Any one know if the transmission loss is reduced? Even a 5% transmission loss would be significant for long haul lines.

January 30, 2015

Solar Outlook 2015: Still Growing, But No Longer Energy’s Young Kid

Yep the Republicans are hell bound to destroy this world to enrich themselves with Oil company campaign contributions (bribes). The world is heading for a meltdown with a billion dead people and another couple billion hungry and half of the worlds species destroyed. These are multi-generational crimes against humanity. But the suckers keep voting them into office.

The Molten Salt Reactor (MSR) cannot get any traction since any appropriation for development would be dead upon arrival in congress. Just the cost of one aircraft carrier could fund the development of three different prototypes. We are going to spend 1 trillion dollars on the joint strike fighter that is too slow and cannot maneuver fast enough to stay in a dog fight with existing aircraft yet we cannot fund MSR development. Think next time you vote for a manipulator who says "I am not a scientist" cause obviously he thinks you are an idiot.

December 12, 2014

U.S. Solar Installations Soar in Q3; Total Capacity Hits 17.5 GW

You had better hurry with your installations cause congress is going Republican. They have completely sold themselves to the oil/gas industry and will do anything they can to kill renewables. The excuses will vary from solar in not cost efficient, renewables are a drain on the economy, they need to stand on their own feet. PLUS you will hear the same old crap that global warming does not exist. Then the worn phrase energy from all sources ie kill renewable energy and on with oil gas and coal.

December 13, 2014

What’s Really at Stake in the Florida Solar Battle?

What is the common thread in every case where barricades have been erected to stop of slow renewable energy. The Republicans are in power!!!

They are committing crimes against humanity!! And some of you guys are still voting for them and their efforts to destroy the planets future?

November 14, 2014

DOE Loan Guarantee Program Vilified by Republicans Turns a Profit

Well well the Republicans are crawling out of the woodwork to attack a successful plan. The main point is the world does not have time for the economic niceties so please spare me some economists narrow point of view. Basically the Republican party is against anything that impinges upon the future profits of the oil gas and coal industry no matter how they dress it up as some noble economic/freedom cause.
Republicans are committing crimes against humanity with their denial of global warming and constant efforts to stop green energy. All the rest is just noise to disguise their efforts. Remember that the next time you vote for a smiling face espousing family values. Your children will see a billion dead and another couple of billion starving in the future. These guys are doing this for greed and will in the future make Hitler look like a rank amateur.

May 17, 2014

Why New Nuclear Technology Hurts the Case for Renewables

Great article you hit the nail on the head. SMR are the same crap in a new shinny wrapper. It creates waste for 10,000 years, has the possibility of meltdown, must be heavily guarded, and is idiotic in placement inside urban areas.

A reactor technology called Molten Salt Reactors has all the benefits of nuclear energy and none of the pitfalls. The Molten Salt Reactor (MSR) was prototyped in the 60s into the mid 70s at Los Alamos. MSR would use spent nuclear material and thorium in a vat that would burn 97% of the material instead of the current 3% of light water reactors. The waste would have a half life of 300 years instead of 10,000. It would consume cheap abundant thorium and could be used to burn up spent nuclear material. It is inherently fail safe an when the power dies so will the reaction. Given its inherent safety the expensive domes and triple redundancy facility does not need to be built and the plant size can be smaller drastically reducing construction costs. The US is blocked from funding by the carbon industry but the Chinese have 750 PhD's moving forward using historic US research and so are the Norwegians and the Japanese and even the Canadians. Look up MSR and WAMSR.

December 21, 2013

Renewables and Nuclear: Why Can't We Be Friends?

Molten Salt Reactors (MSR) is the only safe and long term Nuclear reactor that should be supported. Light Water Reactors have failed around the world and every time that they do the nuclear energy industry says that was the last time "promise". A MSR CANNOT get out of control and do a China syndrome or explode etc. MSRs can be fueled with abundant thorium to burn (eliminate) waste nuclear material (rods) from LWRs. Waste from a thorium reactor has a 300 year half life instead of a 10,000 year half life of LWRs. MSRs are cheaper to build since they do not require the pressure (explosion) dome and need much less backup systems. The energy from MSR is estimated to be cheaper than coal. MSR need much less space that a LWR. When combined with the new Super critical carbon dioxide turbines, which require 1/300 the space of a steam turbine they can be located inside cities.

The only thing that is holding this back is the existing political power of the oil and gas industry. In less that 10years development could be completed and manufacturing could begin. Several designs could be developed simultaneously for less than the cost of one aircraft carrier. Since MSR systems are physically small they can be produced on an assembly line like a jumbo jet. And delivered whole to it permanent site.

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