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December 12, 2014

U.S. Solar Installations Soar in Q3; Total Capacity Hits 17.5 GW

You had better hurry with your installations cause congress is going Republican. They have completely sold themselves to the oil/gas industry and will do anything they can to kill renewables. The excuses will vary from solar in not cost efficient, renewables are a drain on the economy, they need to stand on their own feet. PLUS you will hear the same old crap that global warming does not exist. Then the worn phrase energy from all sources ie kill renewable energy and on with oil gas and coal.

December 13, 2014

What’s Really at Stake in the Florida Solar Battle?

What is the common thread in every case where barricades have been erected to stop of slow renewable energy. The Republicans are in power!!!

They are committing crimes against humanity!! And some of you guys are still voting for them and their efforts to destroy the planets future?

November 14, 2014

DOE Loan Guarantee Program Vilified by Republicans Turns a Profit

Well well the Republicans are crawling out of the woodwork to attack a successful plan. The main point is the world does not have time for the economic niceties so please spare me some economists narrow point of view. Basically the Republican party is against anything that impinges upon the future profits of the oil gas and coal industry no matter how they dress it up as some noble economic/freedom cause.
Republicans are committing crimes against humanity with their denial of global warming and constant efforts to stop green energy. All the rest is just noise to disguise their efforts. Remember that the next time you vote for a smiling face espousing family values. Your children will see a billion dead and another couple of billion starving in the future. These guys are doing this for greed and will in the future make Hitler look like a rank amateur.

May 17, 2014

Why New Nuclear Technology Hurts the Case for Renewables

Great article you hit the nail on the head. SMR are the same crap in a new shinny wrapper. It creates waste for 10,000 years, has the possibility of meltdown, must be heavily guarded, and is idiotic in placement inside urban areas.

A reactor technology called Molten Salt Reactors has all the benefits of nuclear energy and none of the pitfalls. The Molten Salt Reactor (MSR) was prototyped in the 60s into the mid 70s at Los Alamos. MSR would use spent nuclear material and thorium in a vat that would burn 97% of the material instead of the current 3% of light water reactors. The waste would have a half life of 300 years instead of 10,000. It would consume cheap abundant thorium and could be used to burn up spent nuclear material. It is inherently fail safe an when the power dies so will the reaction. Given its inherent safety the expensive domes and triple redundancy facility does not need to be built and the plant size can be smaller drastically reducing construction costs. The US is blocked from funding by the carbon industry but the Chinese have 750 PhD's moving forward using historic US research and so are the Norwegians and the Japanese and even the Canadians. Look up MSR and WAMSR.

December 21, 2013

Renewables and Nuclear: Why Can't We Be Friends?

Molten Salt Reactors (MSR) is the only safe and long term Nuclear reactor that should be supported. Light Water Reactors have failed around the world and every time that they do the nuclear energy industry says that was the last time "promise". A MSR CANNOT get out of control and do a China syndrome or explode etc. MSRs can be fueled with abundant thorium to burn (eliminate) waste nuclear material (rods) from LWRs. Waste from a thorium reactor has a 300 year half life instead of a 10,000 year half life of LWRs. MSRs are cheaper to build since they do not require the pressure (explosion) dome and need much less backup systems. The energy from MSR is estimated to be cheaper than coal. MSR need much less space that a LWR. When combined with the new Super critical carbon dioxide turbines, which require 1/300 the space of a steam turbine they can be located inside cities.

The only thing that is holding this back is the existing political power of the oil and gas industry. In less that 10years development could be completed and manufacturing could begin. Several designs could be developed simultaneously for less than the cost of one aircraft carrier. Since MSR systems are physically small they can be produced on an assembly line like a jumbo jet. And delivered whole to it permanent site.

November 21, 2013

Solar Fee Defeated in Georgia Power Rate Case

Georgia power has fought alternates from the beginning and they will never stop. It must be crammed down their corrupt throats.

October 08, 2013

US Conservative Voices Grow Louder in Support of Renewable Energy

""At first glance you might think this is a purely partisan matter"" Yes and on second glance and third glance the Republicans are against renewable energy. They are in denial of global warming also. This is all driven by the big oil money. They IMO are guilty of crimes against humanity since they will be guilty of a billion dying in the future. I will never vote Republican again.

September 03, 2013

Renewables-based Desalination: A Solution to MENA's Water Crisis

Desalinization can be done at a fraction of the current cost/energy. Lockeed Martin has developed a single atomic layer graphene sheet that will not allow salt to pass. They are trying to partner with a company that specializes in desalinization. Now ad the molten slat reactor technology with energy cheaper than coal and then you can provide abundant clean water for those regions. But then that would require reason in a world that only profit and political dominance is of primary concern

May 14, 2013

Springtime for Tesla

Relax there are a couple of new battery technologies targeted to hit the market in 2014. One is a nano composite that promises to increase the energy by over 300% and reduce cost per energy unit by 70%. I think it is called CALBattery. There are a couple of others that should be in place in the next couple of years. I see 2015 as the time when Tesla will be introducing these and then we should see a change in the market demand. Range for 98% of all trips will not require a charge. Prices should drop and volume will drive the need for charging stations. I could see each fuel station along the toll ways providing these charging stations, This will start in the Democrat controlled states and much later in the Republican states cause the Republicans are doing everything they can to stop the green revolution.

Now is all the US needs id for the Molten Salt Reactors to be developed and that will complete the green energy environment. I like the WAMSR Waste Annihilator MSR the most. Look it up on Youtube and at MIT.

March 08, 2013

UK Government Needs "Plan B on Nuclear" – Wind Energy Can Rise to the Challenge

A Thorium Liquid Reactor LFTR will eliminate many of the options.

Can't Melt Down, Fuel can't burn
Can't be diverted for Bombs
Extremely simple, no heavy redundancy,
Small size
Very cheap to produce
Virtually all the fuel is burned instead of 1% in current reactors
Can be used to eliminate existing radioactive material
Thorium very cheap and very abundant
byproducts produced needed for medical and NASA explorers produced etc
No additional mining needed
Thorium co-located with rare earths currently preventing mining those elements
Solves green house gas issues
$30K Thorium = 1/2 billion in electricity = less than 3 cents KWH
Thorium enrichment not needed
Thorium reactors work at ambient pressure i.e, no explosions
Technology proven with working reactor in 1960s
Thorium reactors waste has a 1/2 life of 300 years not 10,000

Brief overview from 17 out of 32 presentations.


Great presentation


Interesting web site about Thorium Energy

We have the solution but the coal and oil and existing reactor industries will fight it.
We are falling behind cause China and India are going full blast on this technology
Congress is setting on its ass while the world moves forward. The US could build these in less than 10 years for the cost of one aircraft carrier

February 21, 2013

10th Annual ACORE Conference Calls for Bipartisan Support and Continued Financial Innovation for Renewable Energy

Well Cliff, have you been reading those right wing web pages again. You know the ones secretly funded by the oil/gas /Koch brothers who distort everything and then wave the American flag and interweave patriotic idiocy.
BTW only 10% of the seed moneys that the government has provided have not been successful. Where have you seen that kind of success rate in private industry?
Being a critic is very easy but drill baby drill on limited resources with global warming is just stupid.

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