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January 03, 2014

Can We Turn Unwanted Carbon Dioxide Into Electricity?

This is a gigantic waste of time, effort and money.

------" The simulations also revealed that a plant of this design might sequester as much as 15 million tons of CO2 per year, which is roughly equivalent to the amount produced by three medium-sized coal-fired power plants in that time. "-----------

More "Clean Coal" bullsnort-------tbere is nothing clean or green about any of this.

Another effort to pass off fossil fuels as good for people and environment.

Keep the geothermal and get rid of the coal.

January 03, 2014

Bio-energy Forest Plantations for the Southeastern United States

Many natural forests are monocultures by natural selection. One or a few species dominate due to adaptive genetics or progression.

Forests are not static, unchanging monoliths. Forests are vital living organisms with lifespans and progressive changes. Forests are born, grow though progressive stages, and die out. A healthy forest will have areas of progression at all ages---from birth to death.

Even fire is a necessary component of life and health for many forests.

December 06, 2013

US Renewable Fuels’ Defenders Fight to Persuade EPA to Continue War on Imported Oil

--------" Do we really want to give this much power over to a bunch of nameless, faceless bureaucrats who could have been cleaning your swimming pool last week?"-------

As opposed to giving the power over to oil companies whose only parameter of concern is their profit.

Profit that comes entirely at the expense of consumers, public health, safety and security.

Who spill oil everywhere, like your swimming pool or the Gulf of Mexico where your food comes from, or pump toxic chemicals into your air or well.

Thanks----I'll stick with the bureaucrats that may have been cleaning the pool last week------at least THEY clean up and have our interests in mind.

I find it curious that someone who posts as ANONYMOUS has such a fixation-------" Do we really want to give this much power over to a bunch of nameless, faceless bureaucrats who could have been cleaning your swimming pool last week?"-------------

November 30, 2013

UN Conference Overlooks Rising Power of Wind and Other Renewables

Anon.-------" I wonder how many pumped hydro storage facilities can be constructed between the Allegheny mountains in the East and The Rockies in the West where the ground is as flat as a pancake."------------

Lake of the Ozarks has 54,000 acres surface area and a max. depth of 130 ft. Truman Lake is even larger. Table Rock and Bull Shoals are close by on the Missouri/Arkansas border. All have pumped hydrostorage capacity.

Oklahoma has several large lakes and Texas as well.

--------".................between the Allegheny mountains in the East and The Rockies in the West where the ground is as flat as a pancake"--------------

The Ozark Mountains are not as flat as a pancake and lay in Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma. Unless your idea of a pancake is very different than everyone else's.

December 03, 2013

Pumped Storage in the Spotlight

-----" For example, if out of 100 units of energy stored, you only get back half of it as power you can sell, your energy has doubled in cost"--------

100 units/at x cost + 50 units at x cost = 150x(total cost)

100 units/x cost with no storage = 100x(total cost)

It seems to me that the cost(per unit) is the key. Energy not saved is energy that does not exist. In order to have energy, work must be performed(massxdistancextime) If no work is performed because energy was not available when needed then there is no energy.

The question is, does energy that is stored when conditions are right, cost the same as energy that is not saved.

In order to have an equivalent amount of energy available from wind turbines---you would need 50% larger turbines to generate the same amount of energy as a storage system(in this example). Does this equate to a 50% rise is cost? I suspect it would add up to more cost than that----turbines are complex and do not operate at 100% efficiency.

A storage system would produce power at roughly the same cost as the smaller system with an extended power range. So, you would get more power at roughly the same cost or less(probably less, pumped hydro is a low tech, more concentrated system)

100/150 = 2/3 = 65%

For the sake of simplicity keeping generation and storage costs equal, I think you should see costs equal to 65x per unit of energy with pumped hydro storage vs. non storage. You are extending the energy production and useful time using the same fuel input(wind).

December 19, 2013

Pumped Storage in the Spotlight

CC------" When electricity is stored as the unburned coal or natural gas at a conventionally-fueled power plant it is 100% efficient. "------------

You have perfected a process that makes coal jump out of the ground and run over to a conventionally-fueled power plant all by itself?

Please, tell us more about how that works.

October 11, 2013

Japan Next-Generation Farmers Cultivate Crops and Solar Energy

Seems like a good idea to me, especially since it is meant to address the problem of declining small farm income due to industrial competition.

The decline and loss of small production family farms is a problem that is happening not only in Japan but everywhere.

October 04, 2013

A New Win-Win? CO2-eating Microalgae as a Biofuel Feedstock

---------" In addition to CO2, coal-fired plant emissions typically contain sulfate, nitrous oxide, and other compounds."------------

Acid rain.

----------" What happens to these in your algal biodiesel system?"-------

It kills the algae.

October 04, 2013

US Army Moves Toward Solar Energy to Save Lives

If we were using renewable energy sources, there would be no reason for us to have been in the Middle East in the first place.

We have no reason to secure petroleum supply and logistics lines if we don't use petroleum.

October 03, 2013

Reenergizing Cities with Solar Energy

Lead acid batteries have been around for 160+ years and been well utilized in a wide range of uses, both mobile and stationary.

Pb acid batteries have been dependable, rugged, durable, and are relatively cheap and widely available.

There is no reason we couldn't use lead acid batteries.

October 04, 2013

Reenergizing Cities with Solar Energy

@ Phil---------yup!

The ancient Anasazi Indians in the desert southwest of the US built their cliff dwelling pueblos on south facing cliffs. In the winter, the sun is in the south on the pueblo and the face of the cliff that acts as a giant heat sink, absorbing and moderating the sun's energy to provide warmth slowly over the day/night solar cycle. In the summer, the sun moves to a more northerly azimuth, leaving the pueblo and cliff face in a shadow, thus cooling the interior of the pueblo below the outside ambient temperature. The interior of the Anasazi pueblos maintained temperatures of up to 40*F above or below the outside temperature. The Anasazi made economic use of this by not having to carry firewood to heat with chopped by hand with stone axes up ladders to their cliff dwellings.
The Anasazi have been gone for over 800 years, but the pueblos that they built using entirely stone age technology are still heating and cooling today. The Anasazi never paid one penny for electrical service, and in all the time that they have been gone, the power company has not sent even one delinquent or over due notice.

Thermal storage works well, the cost is low----and easily doable even with stone age technology.

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