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September 13, 2013

Water + Sunshine = Biofuel as Lab in California Chases Dream

-------" Yet earnest scientists are hard at work on a new alchemy: brewing fuel for cars — synthetic gasoline — from little more than water and sunshine."-----------

We've been able to do that for 90 years. Fischer-Tropsch process was first patented in 1923.

October 07, 2013

Water + Sunshine = Biofuel as Lab in California Chases Dream

So Cliff, what is your prescription on all this?

October 07, 2013

Water + Sunshine = Biofuel as Lab in California Chases Dream

Chances of any of that happening = 0.

August 10, 2013

US Department of Energy Invests $22 Million in Algae Biofuels

---------" We are beyond the point of throwing good money after bad; we are an insolvent debtor nation throwing devalued fiat currency propped up by Chinese purchase of US government securities"-------------------

And how did we get that way? Fighting wars to feed our petroleum dependency.

August 10, 2013

Rip Up the Mortgage: Sapphire Energy Pays Off USDA Loan Guarantee in Full

CC----------"I applaud Sapphire for paying off Uncle Sam. This is how biofuels research should be done: with the money of foolish investors (those who haven't put the due diligence into the math, science, and economics of energy to recognize a negative energy and financial return when they see it)"-------------

from the article-------" In partnership with the USDA and the U.S. Department of Energy, Sapphire Energy developed and implemented its facility, known as the Green Crude Farm, on time and on budget. Today, the Farm is operational and producing renewable crude oil on a continuous basis."----------

That would be the "foolish" investors-----putting money into a project that is on time and within budget to produce a highly needed commodity that is renewable and replaces a commodity that is not renewable, dirty and has to be imported? Yes, that is very foolish alright-----I hope they'll be able to find their way to the bank. Or, maybe Mr. Dryesdale will send Miss Hathaway out to pick them up.

CC--------" and not the money of hapless taxpayers at large who cannot stop their governments' folly."-----------

That would be you I take it? Of coarse, if you won't use a drop in renewable commodity that replaces ever increasingly expensive petroleum made from domestic feedstock, made in the USA, by American workers, that just leaves more of the good stuff for everyone else.

Party on Cliff......................................

July 30, 2013

Sao Paulo Sets 70 Percent Renewables Target

-------" The plan sees the state’s share of renewable sources rise from the current 55 percent to 69 percent by 2020 – a target which is in line with the state’s climate change policy."-----

Compare this to the US numbers. The US is being left in the dust.............

July 15, 2013

A Historic Day for Solar Energy in Georgia

Davis Swan-----------" I would be a supporter of solar panels if they were required to have significant amounts of battery storage integrated into the installation as well as a minimal smart grid to control the flow of electricity. In the absence of these capabilities solar panels do very little to help us move towards a truly sustainable energy environment."------------

Energy storage does not have to be in the form of batteries. There are a lot of options available. Thermal is one such option. Photovoltaic production can be easily transported and stored by transmission to modular Molten Salt Storage as heat.

Instead of scraping older coal plants, keep them in reserve as base load. Use stored heat in MSTS to run boilers and turbines at night or cloudy conditions----MSTS heat storage is more than adequate to provide high pressure steam. All you are doing is boiling water, whether you use coal or MSTS. Nothing else needs to change. All you need is to change the heat source, not the whole plant.

July 03, 2013

US Geothermal Industry Targets Technology and Policy

According to a study by UT Austin, in 16 counties alone in Texas, there are over 2.5 million abandoned oil wells. I'm also told by industry engineers that the average oil temperature at the wellhead runs about 300* to 350* centigrade. [the Trans Alaska Pipeline needs special cooling fins to prevent melting the permafrost it is built on].

The DoE has Sterling Cycle engines running on waste heat from abandoned oil wells that have been running for years churning out electricity solely with heat energy input from the abandoned wells.

It seems to me that ignoring the energy resource available from abandoned oil wells is not very good planning.

June 26, 2013

Inside Obama's Climate Change Plan

Ethanol was being produced CENTURIES before fossil fuels were ever heard of.

Ethanol had been around for over 1,000 years before the first oil well was ever drilled.

The use of fossil fuels is not necessary to the production of ethanol.

The distillation of ethanol was discovered by Irish monks around 400 to 600 AD.

The same applies to wind power---with the exception that wind power goes back THOUSANDS of years prior to the advent of fossil fuels.

June 21, 2013

U.S. Army One Step Closer to Contracting $7 Billion in Renewable PPAs, Starts with Geothermal

@Cliff ------------I take it then that you have a vested interest in petroleum from Bakken Shale deposits.

June 21, 2013

U.S. Army One Step Closer to Contracting $7 Billion in Renewable PPAs, Starts with Geothermal

To anyone who gives one drop of credence to anything our resident troll tells you..........

The concluding sentence from the article cliff references:

" Program Executive Office Soldier officials said that “no competitor demonstrated a significant improvement in weapon reliability” to justify buying a new carbine."

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