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April 05, 2012

Ontario Slashes FiT for Solar, Wind

interesting how this discussion rolls from ontario and their idea of cutting their fit to germanys fit and the consumption of energy and the prices.
But some of you just see their point (Anti-Wind Anti Solar FIT's)
and take some economical arguments without the economical benefit of wind and solar fit's in the past. Just look how german wind manufacturers are successful all over the world and bring a lot of jobs and income back to the region where they are active. the same was with the solar industry until the asian companies dumps the prices and kill the german solar industry (4 big companies are going into insolvency in the last year). its not random that their is a anti-dumping solar case in the US because of the chinese manufacteres to secure the us solar industry. this is one of the main problems of fit in germany because no company have an advantage to produce in germany (totally different to the fit in canada, because their you have to produce 50% in canada to get subsidize).

additional in this discussion thread some people forget that peak-oil is already relevance and the prices wont stop to get up because their will be no more oil for all the upcoming bric-states. they all want to drive cars get a refrigiator and will use more and more the energy who has driven our western economy with a low cost model. i cant understand why so many people think oil should be cheaper or is cheap because oil is the ressource who was responsible for the growth of everything.
this is the reason why renewable energy ressoruces like wind, solar, biomass and geothermic is so important for the wealth of our world. oil will be vanish in 40-60 years and the ressources who the companies using espically in canada with one of the most negative producing activities, the oil sands mining, makes everything worser for the enviroment and in the long way for the economy because the damage have to be paid by your childrens!

April 05, 2012

Ontario Slashes FiT for Solar, Wind

the cost for fit are less than the cost for the damages and additional it creates long term growth if it created like the ontario fit!

January 19, 2011

The Wind Industry Blows Steadily Over to Asia

great question and remark Anonymous. I wondering some times how the chinese are integrate their renewable power into their "grid". I dont know a lot about the chinese grid but cant imagine that they have a good one because 30 years ago they was a country who dont need to think about that problematic.

Does anyone know how much of the installed wind power in china is not connected to the grid?

January 03, 2011

Top 25 U.S. Energy Lobbyists of 2010

great and interesting article about lobbyism if you would know such sources for Europe you woiuld be my absolutly hero!

this was the first post of the last three from you how is to the right thematic but perhaps you should write that to the originator of the text. And they work for more than 20 years on this little secrets and have no problems why that?

January 03, 2011

Waking Wind in the Balkans

interesting markets the Balkans should have with Turkey the most growth in the Future in Europe.

And for a deeper look on one of the countries you should read Wind Directions from EWEA

January 03, 2011

Quick Look: Renewable Energy Development in Germany

Nice quick look about the actual situation. The only part what should make better from other countries is the transmission problem. This is one of the main reasons why not more electricity from renewables comes into the power system because the lines are in this moment not able to take every new developement.
This was forgotten by the goverment in their high flying offshore plans. Hopefully in the near future they will solve that

June 16, 2010

Why the Wind Market is Hurting

That a seller's market turns into a buyer's is not a new economic problem, which has recently occurred on the solar market. This must be solved by manufacturers and suppliers as described in the podcast within their supply chains.

That's the power market in the United States is currently a backlash to the wind is probably also the fact that some operators see here drift away from their and fossil power stations and are using all their power to do something bad, what not do to bad!

Increasing the efficiency of wind power is probably the biggest problem, as are the development of the market only just beginning here. The storage of wind power try to improve only by a few companies. Examples would be to name as the idea of hybrid power plant Enertrag ( the transformation of wind energy to gas of solar-fuel ( and deveopments on the battery markets for electronic cars as well as the redox-flow of ideas Fraunhofer Institute.
If these and other developments i dont know, will improve the market the price for energy from wind will be more than competitive and all the producers of fossil energy will be come into the market of wind. This you have seen the last couple of years in Europe. Additional their wont be any discussion about the worthwiles of investments in wind, because they wont found better ROI's.

June 17, 2010

Why the Wind Market is Hurting

you are 100 % correct that the daily problem of the powernet in the US have to be renovated but additional the evolution goes on and to get greater efficency from more than 35000 MW installed wind power the storage problem has to be solved. If that happened their wont be any financial and acceptance problems for wind again, because their is no comperable solution to solve the future energy consumption and get rid off the CO2 problematic

May 30, 2010

WFC Grades North American FIT Programs

seems too be realy interesting who wants too know more about an important instrument!
is the better choice too find this pdf

May 05, 2010

Size Matters in Wind, But Only So Much

The first 20 minutes are great history about wind, makes sense for everyone who wants to learn something about the developments in the United States.
Then their was a little mistake in the combination of the thematic cause small wind and offshore are thematics what are from my point of not really compatible in such an discussion round.
Mick and Eize make both great comments about their main thematic but both talks for himself at some points.
Perhaps you could make a podcast for every thematic.

at the following links you will find some more infos about vertical concepts.

April 02, 2010

Transmission Stalls European Offshore Wind Power


the compare with the nuclear should only show that there is a option to shut down nuclear plants till 2030. That is one of the most important things what renewable energy should do. It has only to do with with the case that the new minister of enviroment want to shut down nuclear power till 2030. Before the new goverment starts there was a law that nuclear power ended at 2020 in germany. Now the powerful energy company's have made a lot of financial offers and so the policiy has changed.

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