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April 17, 2014

CEO of German Utility RWE Says It Should Have Invested in Renewable Energy Sooner

Germany liked to be the flagship for renewable energy in the world, but at the same time spent a lot of money in subsidiary for coal: RWE is a fossil company like their coal.

March 04, 2014

Two Thin-Film Solar Efficiency Records Broken Last Week

This effort to jump over the >20% efficiency-mark in thin film PV-technology is really significant!

1.- Fruitfull competition with silicon-based PV is still 'on the run'.
2.- 5% more efficiency means less production cost, less surface, less transport, etc.
3.- There is still enough 'space' for applied investigation.

Go on!

February 20, 2014

Global Renewable Energy Grid Project: Integrating Renewables via HVDC and Centralized Storage

Thank you Dr. Safiuddin for your global concept presentation. Now we need the fruitfull discussion within the United Nations about that.

Here some usefull links from International Desertec Foundation:

Kind regards,
Karsten Berg, Coordinator Desertec Chile

November 12, 2013

Vanderbilt Proposes Building Energy Storage Into Solar Cells

Sounds good for early re-name Silicon Valley into Graphene Valley !

September 14, 2013

New Market Report Shows Huge Gains In U.S. Solar Deployment

Thank you demonstrate here, what 10GW in solar energy means for environment. There is a bright future, everywhere sun is shining strong, without frontiers between states and countries. And even CSP and FV may play together in an area where new shale gas like in Texas produce oil independance for a couple of decades ...there is no more place for "Fukushimas" at all.

February 13, 2013

100 GW of Solar PV Now Installed in the World Today


January 12, 2013

Chile Approves 3.1 GW of Solar PV Projects

Finally, after 20 years of delay, energy developers discover the prime potential of renewable energy in Chile, and Latin America too. The Atacama Desert is the best place for solar energy actually worldwide, and not only for PV-technics. For instance, CSP with salt-storage, 24 hours per day clean energy for the copper-mine industry.

January 15, 2013

Chile Approves 3.1 GW of Solar PV Projects

Yes indeed Claude, because mining companies for instance no can´t produce their copper only with daylight.

December 20, 2012

A Look Back at Solar Energy in 2012

Very usefull summary about global solar-industry trends and implementations! It's a still agressive growing market, where spin-off innovation newcomers have to struggle with massive,proven PV-technology and chinese price-dumping. In an energy-hungry world with more countries involved but without subsidiaries.

September 19, 2012

Outbound to Latin America: Solar Market Showing Big Potential

I agree in general terms. Latin America is indeed an atractive PV'market for next decades. But be carefull, much more for the regional sunlight than local financing. In most cases there is no grid pre-installed, which means a lot of trouble and less earnings than expected.

July 21, 2012

Solar Power from Plastic Foils

The automobile industry must waken up with this spin off research ==> sun roof integrated solar energy for sustainable air-condition. Ten years warrenty is enough...

Berg Karsten

Berg Karsten

my actual main interest is the combination between different solar energy production, CSP+FV, with transmission "gaps" in the Atacama desert. New ideas for attractive investments are wellcome..!

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