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March 21, 2015

German Solar Age’s First Eclipse Passes with Brief Surge in Power Price

Natural phenomena like recent eclipse in northern hemisphere is a wonderfull technical and operational challenge, how we need to produce, mix, transfer and distribute ENERGY.

Therefore, next eclipse in China 2016 and 2017 in USA won't be a 'solar problem', if we project world wide clean energy production, transport and storage.

The sun is the most powerfull energy driver 'on ground', even if the moon tapped 'the saviest nuclear reactor' for a couple of hours, but only in one hemisphere!

January 16, 2015

Renewable Energy and Chilean Mines: A Market Overview

This is a great article about Chilean's solar&wind opportunities in mining sector. Thanks!

Another not mentioned problem here, is still the lack of 'open' grid connections in Northern Chile. If exists, is held by big private and state mining companies, but with few possibilities to connect renewables.

It's a horse race for green power developers...

December 06, 2014

Can Solar Companies Really Be Called ‘High-tech’?

And what about Fraunhofer Research ISE ?

This is leadership in PV-research, compared with Intel, I guess.

September 12, 2014

Preventing Bird Deaths at Solar Power Plants, Part 2

Thanks for both articles, Susan.

First of all, to clarify here the quantity of died birds at Ivanpah. Hundreds, not 30.000 in just 1 day, I heard recently from a american PV-colleague during renewable congress CIREC2014 in Chile!

Second, to show us a couple of solutions...and I'm sure that Bright Source will do their best to prevent these accidents in future.

Another solution is to construct new solar towers, where is any vegetation cover, nor small amount of drinking water resource, especial for native birds: Chilean's Atacama Desert, the driest place in our world.

August 22, 2014

The Next Big Challenge for Energy Storage

Thanks for your switch-on article, Bill.

We are actually in the solar+storage decade for new decisions, worldwide. Where humanity needs brains, funded ideas, financing and spirit for discovery. A new era 'Werner-von-Braun' by NASA, but not for space now, than for our entire earth.

Actual situation: Different types of 'salt' for industrial temp-storage media are cheap and practical in use, especially in combination with future high-heat CSP-towers (>550°C.-700°C., >12hour-overnight-storage) from high DNI-radiation-deserts, like Atacama, Northern Chile.

And both, hydrogen and lithium will also play an important role. But more as high-tech transport & mobility media, like e-bikes, cars, trucks, planes and ships. Lowering production price is actually the biggest challenge, for instance to simplify and massify the use of this.

We can't waste more time in wrong, only short termed and profitable decision making.

May 30, 2014

Chile's New Energy Agenda Lays the Foundation for Sustainable Growth

You are right Amanda, with this article, 100%! Vision and strong leadership are the drivers to put low emission policy into reality, everywhere in the world. Especially in Chile, where the even 'untouched' renewable energy potential over 2000GW is magnificant. Solar as champion, without discussion.

With this bright future 'in the background', actual Chilean's government has to worry about new mechanisms to attract the private sector to invest more in new transmission grids and CSP+PV projects (PPA's) for local industrial/mining sector from Atacama Desert [..where the solar output is 40% better than in California, by the way].

May 31, 2014

Why New Nuclear Technology Hurts the Case for Renewables

Why this article is the most commented? Because James Montgomery is a good writer (that´s true), or his essay let's come together 'hardliners' (clean by nuclear) and 'softliners' (renewable is clean)? For fruitfull and peacefull discussion, obvious.

Here only two insider-arguments why nuclear energy from Germany after year 2022 (official close) is really 'out of date':

1.- Recycling shortened atom reactors cost the same (or even more) than construction (but this was never mentioned before..), and nobody ist willing to pay for that... nor firms, nor government.

2.- Professionals in nuclear energy are in extinction, nobody in German's universities studies this matter actually!

My advice, ..make your own investigation, perhaps something similar happens in the US-sector?

April 17, 2014

CEO of German Utility RWE Says It Should Have Invested in Renewable Energy Sooner

Germany liked to be the flagship for renewable energy in the world, but at the same time spent a lot of money in subsidiary for coal: RWE is a fossil company like their coal.

March 04, 2014

Two Thin-Film Solar Efficiency Records Broken Last Week

This effort to jump over the >20% efficiency-mark in thin film PV-technology is really significant!

1.- Fruitfull competition with silicon-based PV is still 'on the run'.
2.- 5% more efficiency means less production cost, less surface, less transport, etc.
3.- There is still enough 'space' for applied investigation.

Go on!

February 20, 2014

Global Renewable Energy Grid Project: Integrating Renewables via HVDC and Centralized Storage

Thank you Dr. Safiuddin for your global concept presentation. Now we need the fruitfull discussion within the United Nations about that.

Here some usefull links from International Desertec Foundation:

Kind regards,
Karsten Berg, Coordinator Desertec Chile

November 12, 2013

Vanderbilt Proposes Building Energy Storage Into Solar Cells

Sounds good for early re-name Silicon Valley into Graphene Valley !

Berg Karsten

Berg Karsten

my actual main interest is the combination between different solar energy production, CSP+FV, with transmission "gaps" in the Atacama desert. New ideas for attractive investments are wellcome..!

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