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Emily Hois's Blog Posts

- January 30, 2015

Solar Partnership Generates Cash, Credibility for Community Groups

Community groups and businesses that value environmental stewardship are building their reputation and earning cash through a unique partner program. Clean Energy Collective (CEC),...

- January 08, 2015

Colorado Utility Leads the Way for Community Solar

An electric cooperative on Colorado’s Western Slope was the first utility in the U.S. to give community-owned solar a chance in 2010. Four years and 2.6 megawatts (MW) later, it was...

- December 30, 2014

How Can Business Owners, Schools and Municipalities Benefit from Community Solar?

Operating a business, running a school and performing municipal services can require massive amounts of energy. As the cost of electricity increases, more business owners and commercial...

- December 11, 2014

Companies Join Forces to Make Solar More Accessible Than Ever

Two of the nation’s leading solar companies are joining forces to offer customers the most affordable solar available—making solar power accessible to more Americans than ever before....

- December 08, 2014

How Can Residents Benefit From Community Solar?

In the United States, there are enough solar electric systems installed to power 3.2 million average-sized homes. As 2014 comes to an end, GTM Research and the Solar Energy Industries...

- November 24, 2014

Community Solar Prices at All-Time Low

It’s been widely publicized that the cost of residential solar electric systems in the United States is falling faster than ever before. This downward pricing trend is projected to...

- November 06, 2014

Colorado Knows How to Maximize 300 Days of Sunshine

Denver residents are taking advantage of the city’s sunny days and mild temperatures — and turning the sunshine into solar energy. At the end of 2013, the Mile High City had a total...

- October 23, 2014

Community Solar Allows Utilities to Adapt, Thrive as Energy Landscape Evolves

Adaptability is the key to survival — both in nature as Charles Darwin observed, and in the business sector. As the solar industry continues to flourish, utility companies across the...

- October 20, 2014

Impacts of Climate Change Becoming More Apparent

From the thousands of walruses congregating on the beaches of Alaska to the changing behaviors of damselfish along the Australian Coast, climate change presents an imminent threat to...

- October 10, 2014

Net-Zero Neighborhoods Gaining Traction

The largest net-zero neighborhood in North America will be constructed more than a mile above sea level. All 308 houses in the Geos Neighborhood in Arvada, Colo. will harness sunlight...

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