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- July 10, 2014

What’s New In Wind Technology?

Thousands of wind power professionals descended on Las Vegas in May to check out Windpower 2014, the annual wind energy conference and expo put on by the American Wind Energy Association....

- April 08, 2014

Wind Technology: Developing the New Medium-speed 3-MW+ Class

Rostock-based German engineering consultancy W2E Wind to Energy installed a 3-MW and 3.3-MW sister prototype of its medium-speed flagship model in 2013.

- March 19, 2014

Energy Storage Offers Tailored Grid Solutions, But at What Cost?

The grid must maintain a full balance between generation (supply) and load (demand) at all times. In small-scale networks, imbalances occur more often and are generally more difficult...

- February 28, 2014

Lagerwey Wind: “Humble Start with Wider Ambition”

Lagerwey Wind BV of the Netherlands re-entered the wind market backed by an experienced design team that developed a range of innovative lightweight direct drive turbines. At the 2.6-MW...

- December 10, 2013

Offshore Wind Turbine Vendors Unveil Next-Generation Wind Power Machines

EWEA’s biannual offshore wind conference and exhibition took place between 19 – 21 November in Frankfurt, Germany. International exhibitors and visitors could be clearly subdivided...

- November 04, 2013

XEMC Darwind Refocuses on Onshore Wind with 4.5- and 5-MW Direct Drive Turbines

XEMC Darwind has ambitious plans to enter the main European onshore wind markets with two new 4.5- and 5-MW direct drive turbines based on its 5-MW offshore XD115/5-MW model. XEMC Darwind’s...

- April 08, 2010

Permanent Solution?

The application of permanent magnet generators (PMGs) to wind turbines is a relatively new, but growing, trend in the energy industry. According to specialist providers, they offer...

- March 16, 2010

Danes Hail Lidar Breakthrough in Wind

The world’s largest independent rotor blade manufacturer, LM Glasfiber of Denmark, and two Danish partners are developing a laser-based wind sensing system integrated into a wind turbine’s...

- March 16, 2010

Eye on the Wind: Innovations Designed to "See" and Track Gusts

High-technology company Catch the Wind is commercialising a nacelle-mounted, forward-looking system capable of sensing both wind speed and direction, as well as rapid wind variations....

- March 10, 2010

Gamesa Gets Ready for the Big Push

The erection of an innovative medium-speed 4.5 MW wind turbine prototype in Spain's Saragossa region made 2008 an important year for Gamesa. In that year, the vertically integrated...

Eize de Vries

Eize de Vries

Eize de Vries worked from 2001 to 2010 as Wind Technology Correspondent for Renewable Energy World magazine and rejoined the publication again in 2013. He also works as a Technology and Market Trends Consultant for Windpower Monthly and...

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