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Denver Burke's Blog Posts

- February 03, 2014

The Energy Bill Law has Now Come into Effect

On the 18th December 2013, The Energy Act received Royal Assent (in layman’s terms, this means the Queen has given it the go-ahead). This Act aims to clearly define a framework for...

- February 03, 2014

The Green Deal and Its Affect on Commercial Properties

    The Green Deal is very much up-and-running for domestic households, but it’s still lagging when it comes to the commercial sector. Legislation is geared up for offering The Green...

- December 18, 2013

Will Political U-turn Support the UK Anaerobic Digestion Industry?

Mrs Thatcher famously said “the lady’s not for turning.” But the same can’t quite be said for the coalition government, which is modelled very closely to the conservatism of the Thatcher...

- September 06, 2013

Eco-Ships: All Marketing Spin or a Viable Concept?

The global merchant fleet is massive. Comprising of more than one hundred thousand different vessels, this veritable army of ships devours more than 250 million tonnes of fuel each...

- May 30, 2013

Eco Ships Providing a Platform for Marine Future

Tanker company Scorpio has said it has still not realised its complete earning potential, and, in their first quarter turnover report, has put forward its new eco ship designs as its...

- March 13, 2013

Energy Knowledge is Power for Key Decision Making

The phrase ‘knowledge is power’ may be a tad overused, but that doesn’t make it any less true – especially for businesses. Becoming an energy expert is an easy way to take back some...

- March 05, 2013

The Carbon Reduction Commitment: How Will it Affect you?

What Is It? The Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) is designed to help organisations to focus attention on their energy efficiency and to plan long-term strategies for reducing their...

- January 10, 2013

The Energy Bill and Its Effect on Low Carbon Emissions

Designed to keep the country’s lights on and harmful emissions low, the British government recently published details of its upcoming Energy Bill. However, households will bear the...

- December 20, 2012

The Energy Bill Legislation and Its Effect on Renewables

The coalition government has recently announced plans to reform the energy market, in a bid to quell public unrest about fuel prices. When this bill is set into motion, companies who...

- December 17, 2012

Is District Heating the Way Forward for Renewable Energy?

Online sources are debating the topic of district heating as an increasingly important means of generating cheap sustainable energy for future generations. What exactly is district heating...

Denver Burke

Denver Burke

A marketing executive working on behalf of Energ Group to fulfil the marketing ambitions of the 8 divisions held in Energ Group. This includes the awareness of them being at the forefront of renewable energy sources such as energy from...

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