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- September 12, 2013

EV Technology Racing Ahead

Fiercely competitive, the famed crucible of motorsport is to be the high-tech proving ground for an advanced generation of electric vehicle technologies through the new Formula E race...

- August 30, 2013

A Vector for Change at Renewable Energy World Europe

Being part of the Renewable Energy World community often feels like just that… that you’re part of a special group that’s interested in making a difference to the world and its people...

- July 10, 2013

Delivering Stability in the Renewable Energy Transition

Troubled German utility group Energie Baden-Württemberg AG (EnBW) has announced that it intends to shut down a total of four fossil-fuelled power plants as a result of the increasing...

- July 04, 2013

Avoiding Negative Impacts from a Biomass Energy Strategy

At first glance the conclusion drawn by a new report from the European Environment Agency (EEA) sounds like an impossibly tall order. The report argues that, while biomass is an important...

- July 01, 2013

Brainstorming the Role of Renewable Energy

In Frankfurt for the Renewable Energy World Europe and Power-GEN Europe post-conference brainstorming last week, the extent to which renewable energy rests at the heart of Europe’s...

- June 13, 2013

Hydropower Back on Political Agenda as Central Europe Floods

There was an extra level of excitement and anticipation at the Renewable Energy World Europe and Power-Gen Europe Conference and Exhibition in Vienna last week. Not just because more...

- April 16, 2013

2030: A Future Roadmap for Renewables?

A recent European Commission Green Paper seeking views on the development of intermediate renewable energy and climate targets for 2030 has prompted calls from the industry to adopt...

- September 21, 2011

An End to Solar, a New Chapter, or Business As Usual?

If the latest figures to emerge from the solar market are to be believed, the industry continues to thrive, despite the recent demise of Solyndra and other high profile collapses which...

- August 01, 2011

What Do Incentives Mean for Renewable Heat?

While the United Kingdom has achieved some success in renewable energy development (a notable leader in offshore wind for example) the government has faced criticism over its recent...

- June 20, 2011

What Do YOU Think Will Emerge in the Year Ahead?

Looking back over the last year, the renewables sector seems to have scarcely flinched in the face of a global economic meltdown. The wind sector, for instance, remains one of the world’s...

David Appleyard

David Appleyard

David Appleyard is a contributing editor. A freelance journalist and photographer, he has some 20 years' experience of writing about the renewable energy sector and is based in Europe.

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