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- March 30, 2015

France Mandates Solar Roofs for Commercial Zones

Recently passed legislation in France has mandated that the roofs of all new buildings in commercial areas must be so-called green roofs, which are at least partially covered in either...

- March 27, 2015

UK Cuts Red Tape for Commercial Rooftop Solar

A change in the rules for permitted development rights in the UK has increased the development threshold for rooftop solar panels on commercial property by a factor of 20. Under the...

- February 27, 2015

UK Low-Carbon Contract Winners Revealed: Wind Scores, Solar Disappoints

The first round of the Contracts for Difference (CfD) programme — the UK scheme that is designed to support low-carbon generation and a capacity margin in the energy sector — has concluded....

- February 25, 2015

European Commission Unveils Draft Energy Strategy

The European Commission has unveiled “A Framework Strategy for a Resilient Energy Union with a Forward-Looking Climate Change Policy,” which is a key plank in the development of its...

- February 04, 2015

Wind Energy Outlook 2015: Could Total Installed Wind Capacity Reach 2,000 GW by 2030?

Under an advanced policy scenario — the manifestation of the iron political will required in order to address climate change — wind power could reach a total installed global capacity...

- December 16, 2014

Is India's Grand Solar Vision Becoming Reality?

India’s solar PV ambitions, as first broadly stated in the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM), have always been considered perhaps just a little bit too ambitious. Even...

- December 12, 2014

Powering Up Turkey with Hydropower

With its dependence on imported fuels and electricity demand growth topping 7 percent per year, Turkey is increasingly turning to development of its domestic resources to meet demand....

- December 05, 2014

Israel Energy Week: Zeroing in on Renewable Energy Technology

As part of Israel Energy Week — which begins this week and runs through to December 9 — the country’s Ministry of the Economy has been showcasing a number of innovative clean technology...

- November 18, 2014

Inflatable Offshore Wind Turbine Service Habitat Launched

An inflatable habitat that attaches to platforms for servicing the blades of wind turbines has been launched by GEV Wind Power.

- November 06, 2014

Comparing the Costs of Biomass Conversion and Offshore Wind

A new report compares the equivalent total consumer cost of converting existing coal-fired power stations to run on biomass to replacing a proportion of power generation from biomass...

David Appleyard

David Appleyard

David Appleyard is a contributing editor. A freelance journalist and photographer, he has some 20 years' experience of writing about the renewable energy sector and is based in Europe.

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