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June 05, 2014

World Energy Supply Requires $40 Trillion Investment by 2035, Says IEA

You can start your investment here: http://wp.me/p2n9x2-E

June 05, 2014

South Africa Is Primed for Major Solar Development

Yes, we know and we are sending representatives there to demonstrate our system.
Visit www.dcasystems.com for more information.

April 11, 2013

First Solar Acquires TetraSun; Announces Plans To Target Rooftop Solar Market

Obsolete already. See the future at www.dcasystems and now ready for the market place is http://wp.me/p2n9x2-9. We dare you to dispute it.

March 26, 2013

Policy Support for Solar Power Grows in Sub-Saharan Nations

This Solar HVAC System is a natural for the Sahara area. www.dcasystems.com

March 19, 2013

Loans of $2 Billion Weighed by U.S. for Clean Energy Projects

Well although we applied for a measley grant from the NIH for our Solar Powered HVAC System and other products, we heard nothing and got nothing...not even a get lost email reply! What do you think? www.dcasystems.com

February 23, 2013

The Case for Solar REITs

A Reits venture for DCAirSolar Systems is now forming and is a very important milestone. Recently, DCA Systems Inc., parent company of DCAIR Solar Systems, has offered a PPM to raise R & D working capital. Now we are in discussions with a major Wall Street Investmenmt Bank for possible REIT tie ins for major funding for our Automobile, Ship, Trains and Planes Solar projects. We will keep you informed as our venture continues to expand. More info at www.dcasystems.com

February 28, 2013

SolarCity Teams Up with Honda: Who's Your Non-Solar Co-Marketing Partner?

Rolls Royce is considering partnering with DCAirSolar Systems. Will keep you informed. www.dcasystems.com for more information.

February 15, 2013

Weighing Obama's SOTUS Proposal: More Oil Drilling to Fund Clean Energy?

Using Solar Thermal Energy in HVAC Systems

Solar Energy, the energy generated by the sun. This energy is in the form of electromagnetic radiation and travels to the earth in waves of various lengths. Some of the radiation becomes evident as heat, some as visible light. All life on earth depends ultimately on the sun's radiation. It warms the earth and provides the energy that green plants use to make their food. (Without plants, there would be no animals, since all animals must feed on plants or on plant-eating organisms.)

Since ancient times attempts have been made with varying successes to put the energy from the sun to practical use. In the third century B.C., the Greek mathematician and physicist Archimedes is said to have used the sun's rays reflected from mirrors to set fire to an invading Roman fleet. In the 19th century, John Ericsson, designer of the ironclad warship Monitor, built an engine that was powered by the sun's energy.

Solar Heat

Solar heat supplies energy for a variety of uses. The preservation of fruits, vegetables, meat, and fish by sun drying has been practiced for centuries. Some industrial products are also dried by the heat of the sun. In some warm, arid regions, the heat of the sun is used to evaporate seawater or brines to recover salt and other minerals.
Water for domestic use can be heated by solar energy by the use of roof-mounted devices consisting of heat collectors through which water pipes pass. As the water is heated it flows into storage tanks. Heat collectors can also be used to heat homes and other buildings. The sun's heat is transferred to a fluid usually water or air, which then heats the interior of the building. For heating at night and on cloudy days, some form of heat storage is necessary. A common storage system consists of an insulated tank to hold solar-heated water. In many regions, additional heat from a conventional heating system is required for extended cloudy or cold periods.

January 03, 2013

Solar Cooling: The Next Frontier for Distributed Generation?

Highest outdoor temperature can be up to 95 degrees F and can be cooled down to as low as 65 degrees F with humidity levels as low as 50% depending on the location of the unit. Our system can be used with PV systems but at a higher cost for transitioning the power. Our system can also provide heating as needed simply by reversing certain operating stages in the cycle. We guarantee a maximum of 70% in energy cost savings utilizing our Solar HVAC System. We also provide a safety net HVAC System to combat any Chemical Warfare attack against an HVAC system. See our blog: http://wp.me/p2n9x2-9 and visit our web site at www.dcasystems.com for an introduction to our latest R & D efforts.

January 03, 2013

Koch Brothers Fund Bogus Studies to Kill Renewable Energy

The KOCH Brothers will be sorry when the crude oil from Saudi Arabia stops flowing into the U.S. ports. The STRAITS of HORMUZ is being set up now for a big blast!

August 05, 2012

Solar Philanthropy: Five Groups Using Solar to End Energy Poverty

DCAirSolar Systems is dedicated to supplying Solar Systems which will save as much as 70% in energy costs. Our latest is a HVAC System partially powered by the Sun's Rays. Other projects are under way including Solar Powered Automobiles, Trains, Ships and yes even Airplanes and Military Combat Tanks and other fighting vehicles. Visit us at: www.dcasystems.com and take note of our latest venture at: http://wp.me/p2n9x2-9

David Coles

David Coles

A. David Coles, Sr. ME PM CCNE Founder, President/Treasurer David founded DCA Systems, Inc. to render specialty HVAC Systems design services for the pharmaceutical-clean room industry. He has over 25 years of experience in mechanical equipment...

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