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Charles Thurston's Articles

- December 24, 2014

Enel Moves Hybrid Renewables Forward Again with World's First Biomass and Geothermal Project

Italy’s Enel Green Power is entrenching itself as a global leader in hybrid renewables engineering and construction with another announcement of a global first. In November, the company...

- December 18, 2014

Duke Prepares Distributed Solar Program in South Carolina

Duke Energy and other utilities in South Carolina are preparing a plan for developing distributed solar in the state on the heels of a net metering agreement announced last week. The...

- December 10, 2014

How Fast Can You Rack?

Solar racking companies battled it out on the floor of Solar Power International (SPI) in late October, demonstrating new system improvements to shave critical minutes off installation...

- December 08, 2014

ITC Hears Testimony on Expanded China Solar Dumping

Considering further retaliation against Chinese solar dumping, the U.S. Commerce Departments’s International Trade Commission today held hearings in Washington advancing the final phase...

- November 20, 2014

Brazil Hydropower Company Advances Major Solar Manufacturing Project

Brazil’s nascent solar industry may finally have found the Green Knight it needs to develop domestic cradle-to-grave manufacturing capability that can supply the country’s growing demand:...

- November 19, 2014

SunEdison/TerraForm Power Buy First Wind For $2.4 Billion To Achieve Renewable Energy Dominance

In a surprising diversification move, SunEdison has launched into the wind sector and positioned itself to be the world’s largest renewable energy development company. Yesterday morning,...

- November 17, 2014

SunPower Adds AC Inverters To Lineup To Save One-Third Labor Cost

The vertical extension of SunPower’s towering corporate structure with the November 10 addition of SolarBridge’s AC inverters signifies one defining feature for the half dozen solar...

- November 10, 2014

Hawaiian Electric Company To Fix Solar PV Backlog, Advanced Inverters To Help

Hawaiian Electric Company’s (HECO) recent vow to break the logjam of 4,800 stalled applications for new residential PV in its territory by April relies in substantial part on the utilities’...

- November 10, 2014

Positioning Solar Production for Global Export, Protected Markets

The recent announcement by Hanwha Q CELLS of plans to expand its Malaysia solar panel capacity by 800 MW may be an indication that other panel makers will isolate their production in...

- November 05, 2014

SunShot Awards Rain on Storage Innovators

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) showed again at the SPI 2014 trade show in Las Vegas last week that it is dedicated to fomenting many of the best innovations in the renewable energy...

Charles Thurston

Charles Thurston

Charles W. Thurston is a journalist who specializes in renewable energy, from finance to technological processes. He has been active in the industry for over 25 years, living and working in locations ranging from Brazil to Papua New Guinea...

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