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Comly Wilson's Blog Posts

CleanEdison - September 05, 2013

The Progress of Solar Inverters

By Gaelen Mckee One of the most frustrating questions to encounter when talking to homeowners about the merits of going solar is, “what happens when the power goes out?” This question,...

CleanEdison - September 05, 2013

A New Way for Students to Get Into Solar Energy

The growth of the solar industry cannot continue without cultivating current students and rising college graduates. Residential solar capacity has increased dramatically in the past...

- July 24, 2013

The World's Largest Solar Power Plant Opening in California

By Raquel Sghiatti Solar is booming in the sunshine state. Installations grew by 76% in 2012 and in the next few weeks, the largest solar power plant in the world will open in California's...

- July 10, 2013

Top 6 Hurdles Facing Microgrids

By Benjamin Falber and Natara Feller Are microgrids the key to climate resiliency? It’s a question being asked with a new sense of urgency since Hurricane Sandy. I recently attended...

- July 01, 2013

A Buyer’s Guide to Residential Solar

Residential solar financing is a complicated business. It is complicated not only for homeowners who have to decide what product to buy and which company to buy it from, but it is also...

- June 20, 2013

Green Job Training for Veterans

By: Raquel Sghiatti While veterans as a whole have a lower unemployment rate than the rest of the nation, the 2.6 million troops who served in the years following 9/11 are having a...

- June 18, 2013

Energy Assessment Training: A Method of Cost Reduction

By: Raquel Sghiatti Energy assessment training has proven to reduce energy costs for organizations and homeowners alike. While energy efficiency promises to cut emissions, reduce dependence...

CleanEdison - May 02, 2013

How the Feds are Making Renewables Faster and Cheaper

By Benjamin Falber, The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC”) recently proposed reforms to the interconnection regulations for small generators – those with a capacity of 20...

- April 24, 2013

10 Ways to Improve the Solar Permit Process

The U.S. solar industry has reached a point in which the cost of solar in comparable to the costs of retail electricity in many states.  The costs of photovoltaic (PV) modules have...

CleanEdison - April 02, 2013

8 Myths About Wind Energy

The wind industry's rapid expansion in the past few years underscores the industry's significant potential to create jobs, spur economic activity, reduce water use, and reduce greenhouse...

Comly Wilson

Comly Wilson

Comly Wilson is a Research Associate at CleanEdison, a national provider of clean energy, energy efficiency, and corporate sustainability training and certification courses. He studied energy and environmental policy at American University...

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