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May 19, 2010

THAT'S HOT - Online Advertising

I would have to first disagree a little with the first poster. Email marketing is still widely regarded as the best performing online way to attract new business - at least from an ROI perspective. Banner and display advertising continue to perform poorly as they lose out to both Search and Local advertising. As for video I think the jury is still out but sees alot of potential from the mere fact that as a medium it is growing. But at the end of the day if you are going to mention anything about Online marketing, it's ability to allow an advertiser to precisely measure what works no matter what the channel will always be it's biggest asset when compared to other methods and mediums.

November 01, 2013

Sunny Climate for Solar Income Up North

ANONYMOUS - you are printing several misleading and flat-out incorrect statements. As our engineering office is located in Vermont we can tell you that high energy prices leads to high prices for wood. Vermont has some of the most stringent regulations in the country regarding burning of wood precisely to protect the air. Rental home and low-income residents have many options available to them to also go solar. "High energy input" - really? Going to trudge that old fallacy out again? It's been debunked over and over again (it takes less than 3 years worth and dropping every year). Vermont is going to need every bit of solar it can get going forward as Vermont Yankee Nuclear plant goes offline.

October 09, 2012

Under the Election-Season Radar, Signs of Bipartisan Support for Clean Energy

sandcanyongal - If you want to do something about cancer then support technology that weans us off fossil fuels. You can clean all the trash out of streams that you want but if you don't stop pollutants from falling from the sky or being pumped back into the water you aren't making any progress. The fallacies you promote here are one of the many reasons why people think conservatives (Republicans?) are against renewable energy. Myths are promoted by those who support the status quo of how we get our energy, you Ma'am have been duped. And please explain how industrial solar is dangerous to anyone? You do realize that not every plot of land in the world can produce food yes? Dinosaurs? Hardly. The dinosaurs are these tired diatribes that are continually pulled out to halt the progress of getting rid of the real threats to our planet

October 09, 2012

Creating a Hybrid Hydro-Wind System on a Spanish Island

Is the island undertaking any initiatives to reduce their demands? Are residents looking at rooftop solar, efficiency upgrades etc to make the island more self-sufficient now that they will have this incredible resource of clean energy?

April 06, 2012

Biogas Technology: "Cow Power" Catching On in US

A couple of other points regarding CowPower

- it almost completely removes the smell, when the left over material is spread on fields as fertilizer it no longer is a problem for neighbors
- the leftovers can be sold for additional profits
- can also be used as bedding for farm animals saving money as well for the farm.
- some farms have learned how to power their equipment from the process as well.
- reduces possible environmental damage from leaking manure ponds as well as reduces air quality issues associated with large-scale farming manure storage.

March 16, 2011

Is the Bloom Box Cheaper Than Solar?

I am also curious as to the need for this comparison. I don't see the Bloom Box as a competitor or a threat to PV but rather a compliment to it. The Bloom box in the states mentioned provides electricity at a far lower cost than the grid and it does so from what I understand while emitting far fewer fumes than grid powered electricity. I also suspect the cost of these boxes will come down dramatically while the cost of electricity rises (of course if it's natural gas generated that cost may rise as well). I was excited more for this company for the fact that they claim to make it work with solar in the future by acting as a storage mechanism. Yes it uses fossil fuels (for now) but it has many of the same goals and could compliment renewables. Why be down on it?

October 22, 2010

Psst! Solar Fred's Solar Marketing Action Plan Based on New SPI Poll Numbers. (Shh! Don't tell the WSJ.)

A positive trend relating to this article is the tremendous growth in the solar marketing to the masses. While we might not push specific benefits, other than they can reduce their electric bills, the mere fact that we are getting the Go Solar message in front of so many eyeballs can only be a good thing. TV commercial, web banner ads, email and Newspaper ads are popping up everywhere for residential solar. As long as people get the right information when they respond to these ads I think policies from lawmakers will follow the markets.

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