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- December 16, 2014

Will States Take Over Demand Response Markets in the US?

How will demand response (DR) be compensated in wholesale energy markets under NY’s Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) initiative in the wake of the DC Circuit Court’s decision vacating...

- October 24, 2014

DC Circuit Issues A Stay On Vacating of Order 745 & The Market Reacts

On October 20, the Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit issued a stay on its ruling to vacate Order 745. The stay will be in effect until December 16, which will give the Solicitor General...

- October 10, 2014

Will an Energy Proposal in New York Institutionalize Power Monopolies?

Co-written with Natara Feller. On August 22, the New York Public Service Commission (NY PSC) issued a proposed rule on the Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) initiative and comments...

- July 07, 2014

Demand For Upstate Wind Heightens As Rate Shock Hits Downstate New York

Co-written by Natara Feller New York’s new capacity zone (“NCZ”) conundrum discussed in an April 11, 2014 post, entitled: Hudson Valley & NYC Brace As Imminent Changes to New York’s...

- June 11, 2014

Will REV Be New York’s Key to Implementing the EPA’s Carbon Reduction Plan?

Under President Obama and the EPA's new carbon reduction plan, which is the first ever national standard on carbon reductions, New York is now required to cut its carbon emissions by...

- June 02, 2014

DC Circuit Again Finds FERC Oversteps Its Bounds — This Time It’s Demand Response

Once again, the Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit has ruled that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has overstepped its jurisdictional bounds. Last year, the DC Circuit...

- April 11, 2014

Hudson Valley & NYC Brace As Imminent Changes to New York’s Energy Markets Approach

Cowritten by Natara G. Feller, Esq. The race to solve New York’s energy future is on and competing solutions have hit a new threshold of controversy.  In one corner, Governor Cuomo...

- March 06, 2014

FERC Enforcement Turns Its Attention To Market Based Rate Entities’ Past Due EQRs

By the attorneys at Feller Energy Law Group, PLLC. Recently, numerous retail energy marketers have received delinquency notices from FERC Enforcement. As FERC is in the process of transitioning...

- March 06, 2014

FERC Unveils New EQR Submission Process

By the attorneys at Feller Energy Law Group, PLLC. Now is the time for all market-based rate entities to become familiar with the new, updated Electric Quarterly Report (“EQR”) submission...

- September 17, 2013

The Future of Energy Infrastructure

Transmission lines hold much of the same challenge and promise of the interstate highway system a century ago. The transmission network – the high voltage, long distance power lines...

Benjamin Falber

Benjamin Falber

Benjamin Falber is an associate attorney at Feller Energy Law Group, PLLC.

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