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- December 15, 2014

10 Energy Numbers to Remember from 2014

AUTHORS: Barry Fischer, Aaron Tinjum, and Casey Davis-Van Atta      Sometimes energy makes headlines, sometimes it doesn’t. But it almost always has important implications for the global...

- December 02, 2014

9% of solar homes are doing something utilities love. Will others follow?

Authors: Barry Fischer and Ben Harack  The sun is shining on more solar panels than ever before. In the US, a new solar project is installed every 3.2 minutes and the number of cumulative...

- July 08, 2014

This Is What Tesla Owners Are Doing While You Sleep

By day electric vehicles are taking the world by storm: their sales are doubling every year, their fuel efficiency is off the charts, and some of them can even accelerate from 0-60...

Barry Fischer

Barry Fischer

Barry Fischer is the Head Writer/Editor at Opower, a company that provides cloud-based software and an advanced customer engagement platform to the global utility industry. Barry founded and leads Opower's data blog “Outlier,” which leverages...

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