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Andrew Savage's Comments

October 08, 2012

How Can Installers Harness the "Solar Walmart Effect?"

A good summary by Solar Fred here. As solar tracker manufacturers that have worked with dozens of businesses, we find many business customers want their customers to SEE their solar as well. That's where a pole mounted tracker can come in (sometimes as an addition to a roof-mounted array).

October 09, 2012

How Can Installers Harness the "Solar Walmart Effect?"

Bob, We both have a dual axis tracker that goes flat in high winds automatically (it's very possible) and pays for itself in northern climates. We have over 1,400 in Vermont alone and make our production available online for every system as well.

October 09, 2012

How Can Installers Harness the "Solar Walmart Effect?"

45% more than fixed rooftop panels (not adjusted, fixed) and 30+% more than ground-mount fixed.

Our costs are approximately 10% more / watt, but with trackers, one must compare $ / first year kWh vs. just simple $ / watt.

We have solar sales partners around the country and listed on our website that can give a more precise quote for a job.


October 10, 2012

How Can Installers Harness the "Solar Walmart Effect?"

Dave, Sorry you didn't like where the thread went. However, if you take a look above, I think you'll see how it evolved and we were just answering specific questions posed. Agree - nobody wants the comments to turn into people just hawking their product!

August 10, 2012

Making Projects Happen with Group Net Metering Policies

Wendy, Colorado has done a great job with its program. We need far more states to create far better and solar conducive policies to achieve scale that we need in solar PV. Compared to Germany, we simply have too many barriers.

June 06, 2012

The Sunset and Dawn of a Solar Era: Jeff Wolfe Steps Down at groSolar

We at AllEarth wish Jeff well! He's been a great leader for the solar industry nationally, but never forgot his duty to make sure Vermont continued to strive to lead the way. Thanks Jeff!

June 26, 2012

Lawmakers Expand First-in-nation Solar Registration

My hope would be that not only would poor-performing communities be embarrassed about their costs and hoops a prospective homeowner or solar installer has to go through, but rather that we see a competition between municipalities, counties, and states for having the best and most streamlined permitting, thereby creating the most competitive solar markets. That will drive policy innovation and thus solar installation. Andrew AllEarth Renewables

March 21, 2012

Vermont's Solar Deal: One Small State Makes a Big Solar Impact

Meg, A great summary of Vermont's program. While Vermont already had an innovative state-wide permitting system, from a political/legislative perspective, this wasn't as hard as it may seem to accomplish. And, my feeling is that it could be replicated at the state, municipal or other local level as well if a community was committed to solar.


AllEarth Renewables, Williston, VT

April 16, 2012

Vermont's Solar Deal: One Small State Makes a Big Solar Impact

Aleope-- Agree this changes the finances, however, cutting out the soft costs associated with installation will help work in tandem with technology improvements to drive down the cost of a customer's system, making the value of RECs less and less important. That's where the industry (and government) needs to go. Thanks for your comment.

Andrew Savage

Andrew Savage

Andrew Savage is the Chief Strategy Officer at AllEarth Renewables, manufacturer of the AllSun Tracker, where he oversees public affairs, communications, and strategic business development initiatives. He serves on the Board of Directors...

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